Spring Sample Pack - Set of 4

Antique Candle Works


Enjoy a sampling of our best-selling Spring fragrances in 1.5 oz travel tin candles. These candles are perfect in small spaces like a bathroom or laundry room. 

This sample pack includes:

Lavender - A soothing blend with top notes of calming lavender and fresh ozone with soft touches of woody undertones

Wildflowers - Freshly picked wildflowers, pansies, sunflowers and lilacs

Sweet Lemon - Clean, crisp lemon with light floral hints of geranium and rose

Fresh Cut Herbs - A cozy, spicy smell of herbs including basil and fresh spearmint with hints of floral and apple


Approximate burn time: 8 hours

Weight: 1.5 oz

Dimensions: 1.75" Height x 2" Width



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