Candle Reviews

We love our candles and know you will too! Some of our candle friends shared their thoughts on Facebook reviews


"In LOVE with their candles!! I discovered them on Instagram, as I have several other candle companies, and Antique Candle Works takes the cake for me. Their candles simply smell the best in my opinion. But the thing that shot them straight to the top of my candle-lovin heart was their SHIPPING SPEED! So efficient, I got my candles in 2-3 days! Returning customer for sure. " - Abby


"Absolutely love these candles! They smell amazing & burn for soooo long! Highly recommend 


"Candles from Antique Candle Works are absolutely wonderful. They have a beautiful, fresh, room filling scent....natural scents without being too perfume-like. The soy has a clean even burn that doesn't dirty your home. Brittany is a delight to work with and quality and customer service are high priorities for this company. I can't recommend these candles enough, you won't be disappointed!!" - Tracy


"These are my favorite candles, I consistently purchase them and enjoy them year round!" - Susan


"LOVE the citrus + sage ,, and Lavender!!! SO many candles give me headaches, and these don't! They are light and fresh, perfect for Any home!  Will be buying again! xoxoxo" - Erica


"I am obsessed!!! The scents are amazing and create such a wonderful atmosphere in my home." - Theresa


"Candles are one of my favorite things and yours did not disappoint! I received my order quickly and they are absolutely adorable! Clean Cotton is what I chose and I can't wait to try other scents!" - Erin


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Sage & Citrus