The Southern Hydrangea

If you follow Antique Candle Works’ Instagram, you may have seen Brittany mention Heather Case from The Southern Hydrangea blog more than once in her posts.  Heather is a Christian blogger who lives near Nashville, TN, and is a genius when it comes to farmhouse décor. 

The hydrangea-loving, chocolate obsessed gardener shares a home with her husband, Tyler, that is beautifully decorated in white shiplap, burlap, and small touches of greenery that add a simple yet perfect touch to every room.  Her blog and Instagram are filled with eye-catching photography, and while she says she gets much of her inspiration from Pinterest, her photos are sure to inspire her thousands of followers and more. 

My personal favorite aspect of her house is, without a doubt, her kitchen.  I adore how simple yet beautiful the style of the kitchen is, especially with hanging lights above her island and a fabulous faucet that I so need in my apartment!

Heather has done a lot for Antique Candle Works by highlighting and sharing several of our scents in her photography.  Our Mason Jar and antique vessel candles fit perfectly with her farmhouse and vintage theme, and we love knowing that our fragrances can be found in such a lovely home.  Around Christmas time, she featured our White Pine, Christmas Day, and Good Tidings Mason Jar candles.  With holiday decorations gorgeously adorning her house, these candles couldn’t have looked better!

Heather is a southern homebody that is extremely down-to-earth, and it is easy to feel a connection with her through the unique and elegant style she brings to life on her blog and other social media.  It’s so interesting to see what Heather has to share about her life and home every week, and we are thankful that Antique Candle Works can be a small part of that!



(Photography by Heather from The Southern Hydrangea)