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Antique Candle Works in Stores: The Tin Roof

Antique Candle Works in Stores: The Tin Roof

Small businesses are unique establishments in and of themselves, especially “mom and pop” retail stores.  Though a shop may be small, the amazing individuals who work hard to keep it up and running might just have the biggest hearts around.


One small retail business that knows how to spread the love is The Tin Roof: Fine Gifts and Home Furnishings, an adorable little shop in Princeton, Kentucky that specializes in “great products and outstanding service!”


Serving the area since 2002, The Tin Roof was actually in the works since 2001 when the late Carolyn Boaz made her dream of owning a store a reality.  Nearly 20 years later Carolyn’s daughter, Molly Egbert, continues her mother’s legacy through the joy that is spread in and outside the walls of The Tin Roof Gift Shop.


“The joy of the Lord is my strength,”
Nehemiah 8:10


The Tin Roof also shares their hearts with other small businesses and artisans to stock their shelves and bring quality goods to their customers.  One of these small business is none other than Antique Candle Works! 

Molly loves sharing unique items with everyone who comes through her doors, including our handmade soy candles!  She loves burning both the Sweet Lemon and Fresh Cut Herbs fragrances together!


The Tin Roof Gift Shop is in the business of spreading happiness through the little things.  Whether that be cute outfits, fun dish ware, or farmhouse decor, they are so thankful to the Lord for giving them the opportunity to share this with friends new and old. 


Here at the studio, we love seeing where our candles end up after they leave our hands, and we are so glad that some of them have made their way to The Tin Roof. 


It is fulfilling to know that we can help spread some of Molly and her team’s joy in Western Kentucky!  In small business it’s about the heart, and this little store has that down!


Do you have your own retail store and are interested in working with Antique Candle Works?  Contact us!  We would the opportunity to meet a new friend!


Check out our list of all the stores that carry Antique Candle Works candles in The United States and Canada; there might just be one near you!


Don't forget to follow The Tin Roof ladies on Instagram and Facebook!

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Antique Candle Works in Stores: Lubbock Odds & Ends

Antique Candle Works in Stores: Lubbock Odds & Ends

Small businesses are not like your common chain corporations with thousands of locations across The United States and beyond.  They may not have a lot of employees, or even a large space.  However, one thing that most small businesses all have in common is the reason why so many people keep coming back to them: a genuine care for others. 

Small businesses are all about the personal relationships that are built with customers, clients, fellow small businesses, and anyone else that might walk through their door.  Small businesses are about the people, not the product, and the Odds & Ends vintage home décor shop in Lubbock, Texas, takes that notion to heart.

Not only is Odds & Ends a small business, but many if not all of their products come from other small vendors!  While you support your local business by shopping small, you will also be supporting small businesses from across the country!  Including Antique Candle Works!  Kenzie, the owner of Odds & Ends, loves sharing all the unique items that can be found in her store, and loves sharing our candles as well!  Her favorite fragrance is Clean Cotton!


“Collect things you love, that are authentic to you, and your house becomes your story,” (Erin Flett). 

Odds & Ends is in the business of helping you tell your story.  With a collection of décor from the most adorable rustic signs, to cute and cozy pillows, Odds & Ends has everything you’ll need to tell the story of your farmhouse home. 

We love seeing where our candles end up, and knowing that some of them have found a temporary home at Kenzie’s gorgeous retail shop is just amazing.  It’s so nice to know that we can give some of our friends down in Texas the best candle experience possible!


Do you have your own small business and are interested in working with Antique Candle Works?  Contact us!  We would love the opportunity to meet a new friend!


Don’t forget to check out our list of all the retail stores that carry Antique Candle Works candles across The United States and Canada!  There might just be one near you!




Photography by Odds & Ends vintage home store in Lubbock, Texas.

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Journey: Survival to Success

Journey: Survival to Success

At Antique Candle Works, we are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to support churches and nonprofits that reflect our own beliefs and serve a worthy cause.  One of these nonprofits that we actively support is the Journey Pregnancy and Life Hub in Mokena, Illinois. 

Journey is a Christian organization that is committed to helping women through personal, emotional, life, and relationship issues and goals.  With a purpose that states, “We seek to care for the whole woman by guiding her on a safe journey to Family, Purpose, and Wholeness,” it is to no surprise that Journey is an excellent resource to those in need. 

Journey believes that no one should have to go through life alone.  If someone is struggling, be it with pregnancy and baby essentials, unhealthy coping, or job skills among a large number of issues, this nonprofit will share every step of someone’s journey in order to get them the help they need and reach their personal goals.  

The individuals who need help not only receive it, but they also are able to witness ministry and how this can have a positive impact on life.  All of the mentors who offer support, such as the co-founders of Journey Hub, Christine and Margie, are mature Christians.  By dedicating their time to “working for God and serving the people,” they help guide struggling individuals down a path of growth and recovery. 

Another part of the Journey Hub is the Journey Goods boutique.  Because it is a nonprofit, Journey relies on volunteers, donations, and proceeds from their resale store to fund all of their free services.  The boutique is also home to some very happy cats that visitors can meet!

They sell upscale-gently used items that feature modern and vintage style—which we love!  This boutique was actually one of our first wholesale partners.  For the past two years, Brittany has taken candles to Journey for the boutique, as well as candles for Journey to use throughout their building. 

Antique Candle Works couldn’t be more proud to support such a wholesome organization that allows people to move form survival, to success.


To learn more about the Journey Pregnancy and Life Hub and their calling to assist those in need, visit their website and keep up to date with them through Facebook and Instagram!


I will lead the blind by ways they have not known,

along unfamiliar paths I will guide them;

I will turn the darkness into light before them

and make the rough places smooth.

These are the things I will do;

I will not forsake them.

- Isaiah 42:16




Photography provided by the Journey Hub website and Facebook page.

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The Faded Farmhouse

The Faded Farmhouse

Wholesale partners are a major part of what allows Antique Candle Works to continue to create beautiful vintage style candles, and we love seeing where our candles end up after we send them out the door.  This month, we are taking a peek into The Faded Farmhouse, located in both Arrington and Columbia, Tennessee! 

This gorgeous home décor boutique is filled from wall to wall with kitchen accessories, wall décor, vases, pillows, flowers, and so many more farmhouse pieces that it’s no mystery that they put the customer first;

“Our goal is to inspire you, to make your house…HOME.”

The Faded Farmhouse began very simply in 2012 when owner and founder Lori Diaz-Rial found a hobby in chalk paint.  It wasn’t long before a hobby turned into a booth at a local shop, and then in 2013, grew into Lori’s first Faded Farmhouse storefront in Arrington.  Three years later, after much prayer and contemplation, the second Faded Farmhouse was opened in Lori’s own hometown of Columbia!

Not only does The Faded Farmhouse provide you with stunning vintage farmhouse pieces, they also bring your house to life with their own interior design services!  With stunning custom designs to fit any room, The Faded Farmhouse storefronts are transported right into your home!

We love getting to know our retail partners, and we are excited to have our candles be a small part of Lori’s beautiful boutiques.  It’s so neat to see the candles in the stores; we wish we could stop by for a visit!




(Photography by Harper + Monroe, and from, @TheFadedFarmhouse on Facebook, and @TheFadedFarmhouse on Instagram)

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Spill the Milk Vintage

Spill the Milk Vintage

From stovetop to studio, Antique Candle Works started from scratch and is now an artisan business with over 70 wholesale partners and hundreds more loyal customers who support our passion for quality handmade goods and great smelling candles.  Just as we take special care in creating every candle that goes out our door, we care for and appreciate every single one of you who share our love for vintage style and fine fragrances.

One of the very first supporters of Antique Candle Works was Kathy Steele from Spill the Milk Vintage in Valparaiso, Indiana.  With the motto, “Be You, Be Bold, Do It Vintage,” Spill the Milk strives to inspire others to embrace their own sense of style. 

This unique store specializes in antique and custom vintage pieces that aim to, “transform a room by adding a ‘conversation’ starter piece to make a statement about you.”  Between furniture, jewelry, and even clothes among a large selection of items, you are bound to find something special.  Along with an endless array of vintage everything, Spill the Milk Vintage also supports several local artisans, including ourselves!

Every piece at Spill the Milk Vintage has a story of its own, even the iconic canvas that inspired the logo for the store. 

The canvas, a beautifully preserved, antique family heirloom, depicts a cat startling a cow, causing it to not only knock over the woman who was milking it, but also spill the milk pail.  The canvas was painted in the 1940s by Fred O. Johnson who also painted many canvases for entertainers such as the Ringling Brothers.  “Spill the Milk” was the name of a carnival game booth owned by Al Steele Sr. in which baseballs were thrown at milk bottles.  This game, along with a few other carnival booths, would later become Steele’s Amusements.  Al Sr. was Kathy’s grandfather, and using his canvas for her vintage shop is a lovely way of honoring that legacy.

We at Antique Candle Works love seeing the stories behind our retail partners, and with a history as unique as Spill the Milk Vintage, it is empowering knowing that they share our love for everything with antique style.  We are very thankful to be even a small part of this extraordinary store, and look forward to working with them in the future!



(Photography from and @Spillthemilkvintage on Facebook)

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