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New Spring Fragrances!

New Spring Fragrances!

Spring is a time of newness in the form of blooming plants, new life, and warm sunny days after the winter.  In the spirit of spring, you may have noticed in the past month or so that we have added two perfect spring fragrances to our list!  These scents have just the right combination of crisp, sweet, freshness that brighten up any spring day this season.  So, without further ado, I’d like to officially introduce you to our two newest fragrances on the Antique Candle Works line: Fresh Cut Herbs and Sweet Lemon.


Fresh Cut Herbs: A cozy, spicy smell of herbs including basil and fresh spearmint with hints of floral and apple.


This fresh fragrance is the perfect scent for any crazy plant lady!  With the cozy, herby smell of fresh greens and a subtle hint of sweet fruit, this scents puts your adorable little herb garden in one yummy candle.  It’s hard to resist the allure of that fresh plants, especially when that smell manages to brighten up your entire home!  I love this new fragrance so much because of it’s refreshing, clean aroma.  It’s literally spring in a jar!



Sweet Lemon: Clean, crisp lemon with light floral hints of geranium and rose.


If you’re in love with all things lemon, this fragrance is for you!  It’s crisp, tart, sweet, and flowery all at once!  This fragrance makes me think of lemony candies or lemon shake-ups from a street fair.  Image enjoying some sweet lemony goodness while loving the smell of fresh spring blooms…So good!  This yummy scent is definitely one that makes a bright and sunny day that much sunnier!


Sweet Lemon is actually the newest Scent of the Month and is 10% off during the entire month of May!  It’s never been a better time to try out one of our newest, yummiest fragrances on the Antique Candle Works line!


If you liked these new fragrances, you should know that there is sure to be more coming soon this year!  To get the first glimpse of our next new fragrance, and to have the chance to be an exclusive candle tester to help determine our next scent, become our friend by joining the Antique Candle Works email list!


Have a beautiful day!

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A Little Green Goes a Long Way

A Little Green Goes a Long Way

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and it’s got me thinking green—green décor, that is!


That may sound a bit strange considering our love of the light and airy look that comes with farmhouse neutral colors, but sometimes the one thing that this style needs to really pull off the right look is just a touch of color.  And what better to go with natural neutrals than natural greens?


We’ve talked to a few different home décor bloggers about their best decorating tips, including Heather Case from The Southern Hydrangea for her home tour blog, and she agrees that one of the best ways to make a room pop is a simple yet stunning touch of greenery.  This really may be one of the easiest, and most clever ways to make a room pop!  Pair that greenery with one of our adorable neutral colored candles, and you have a match made in heaven!


Heather Case’s home is actually almost all white.  It’s actually pretty amazing, and just gorgeous.  She has the perfect balance of neutral or natural colors in her furnishings, and adds one, maybe two notes of green in every room.  I love how she creates such simple yet eye-catching settings on her living room coffee table.  I can’t get enough of these garland plants!  Heather has really got the pop factor down!


Erin from Cotton Stem Blog uses a bit more of a variety of color in her home, but she still manages to bring the perfect touches of greenery to every room!  She truly is a ‘faux plant lady’ and puts together adorable settings that truly bring life into her home.  I personally love the fireplace in her bedroom.  She’s taken this and has created something unique by filling the fireplace with logs and notes of green, and has kept the mantelpiece simple yet beautiful.


Finally, we have Natalie from the Vintage Porch.  Her specialty, and my favorite thing about her home, is right there in the name.  Her home really is vintage.  Everything about it takes you back in time, or reminds you of your favorite antique store!  The small notes of greenery she adds in every room only enhance the already lovely décor.  The pale green she often uses is a great way to compliment the pale neutrals of her home while adding the perfect amount of contrast.


What you should know about adding greenery to your home is this: a little goes a long way, but don’t be afraid to be unique!  Greenery in the form of plants is a great way to bring some freshness into your home (even if they are faux plants), while adding the perfect touches of color where they need to be.  They complement your home in all the best ways, so why not join the queens of greens and add a little greenery to your home!


Want your home to smell like the perfect touch of greenery, too?  Check out our brand new fragrance: Fresh Cut Herbs!  This cozy, spicy smell of herbs includes basil and fresh spearmint with hints of floral and apple.  The perfect scent to bring an extra note of freshness into your home!




Photography by HJ Creative Photography, Heather Case (The Southern Hydrangea), Erin (Cotton Stem), and Natalie Kolter (Vintage Porch)

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New Fragrance Alert!

New Fragrance Alert!

During the past few months, the Antique Candle Works team has tested and sent out samples of potential fragrances to 50 lucky candle testers.  We had narrowed it down to four fragrances to be a late summer scent, but we needed your help to decide.  And now, the results are in.

I, and the rest of the team, are very excited to announced our new, limited time fragrance: Cucumber Melon

The crisp, clean scents of cucumbers, ripened in the sun and picked fresh from the garden, mixed with a hint of delicious melon.  Late summer is the time of year that many of the fruits and veggies growing in your garden are ready to be harvested.  One of my personal favorite things about summer is my grandma’s garden!  So why not combine two of those delicious garden smells?

Cucumber Melon is one of the freshest fragrances coming out of the Antique Candle Works studio!  The deliciously sweet scent creates a relaxing and cozy atmosphere in any room.  It is perfect for those summer days full of sunshine and the cool breezes that remind you that fall is just around the corner.

Cucumber Melon is only available for a limited time!  This fragrance will carry you through the late summer and into the early autumn days, so get yours before it’s too late!


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Photography by Jennifer from The Grace House

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