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Winter Wonderland Home

Winter Wonderland Home

One our favorite parts about sending candles out to our friends is seeing where those candles end up. We love it when you tag us in your photos on Instagram so we can see how you styled that favorite candle in with your home décor, especially during the holidays!

Martha from Simple Cozy Charm

The Christmas season is that time of year when so many people break out their most festive decorations to turn their home into a literal winter wonderland! Seeing Antique Candle Works Christmas-scented candles in these stunningly styled homes brings that much more Christmas spirit into the studio!

Jennifer from Cozy Cottage Style

I would love to introduce you to some of those sweet candle friends with such amazing style! These lovely ladies inspire me so much with my own holiday décor, and maybe they can give you some inspiration, too!

I can’t get enough of that brick archway in Jess’s home! Can you believe it’s faux brick? Jess from House on 77th  has a stunning home and used those farmhouse neutrals to her advantage for the Christmas season! An Antique Candle Works candle just adds to the cozy!

Laura from The Turquoise Home Blog went for that “Merry and Bright” look this season! This lovely lady knows how to use greenery and floral, even during the winter months. And of course, you can always spot those lovely antique turquoise Ball jars for a vintage touch!

No one does vintage like Sarah from the Sarah Joy Blog! Pops of red and frosted trees are the perfect Christmas additions to her oh-so-cozy home. With a Good Tidings candle to finish the look with yummy smells, her décor makes you want to snuggle up with some hot cocoa!

The kitchen is always the hardest place for me to decorate for the holidays, but Becky from Becky Cunningham Home has no problem with her winter kitchen! She took the natural approach with lavender trees and evergreen garlands, and I bet that candle might even be White Pine!

Cindy from Blessed House of Three makes me nostalgic with her rustic-inspired holiday bedroom! That little rocking horse with a mini frosted tree reminds me of waking up and getting out of bed on Christmas morning—oh so perfect with a Christmas Day candle!

Kelly from The Tattered Pew

There are so many ways to decorate your home for the Christmas season, and it warms our hearts to see Antique Candle Works candles being a part of décor that makes so many feel warm and cozy this time of year.

Keeley from Cozy Cat Cottage

How do you decorate your home for the holidays? Tag us in a picture of your favorite candle with your Christmas-y home on Instagram! We’d love to share the joy of the season with our friends!

Merry Christmas!

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Heart of the Home: Candle Photo Faves!

Heart of the Home: Candle Photo Faves!

At Antique Candle Works, we send candles out all over The United States and Canada to spread the joy that a simple candle can bring.  It is always fun to see where our candles ended up once they left our doors, and that they are bringing joy to homes all around.  Thanks to outlets like Facebook and Instagram, we are able to see tons of photos taken by people just like you! 

Fragrance: Clean Cotton

There’s been some great pictures over the past few years, so as a thank you to all our friends who have ever shared photos with us, I’ve put together some of our favorites from home decor bloggers for everyone to enjoy!

I hope you love this gallery of beautiful candle photos set in even more stunning homes, because I can't get enough!

Fragrance: Back Roads
One of the best things about these photos is that you can actually feel how cozy each home is!  I absolutely adore how Erica and Heather can put together such simple yet stunning settings all around their home.  Both these ladies truly are pros at getting the little details just right!
Fragrance: Fresh Cut Herbs
I always love seeing candle photos that have the perfect pop of color!  Sarah and Laura create adorable spring settings with their candles, and whether its using fresh floral clippings or a stunning faux flowers and lamb's ear, their pops of color immediately draw your eye!  For the perfect color accent piece, use a blue Ball jar candle! (Wink, wink!)
Fragrance: Sage & Citrus
Fragrance: Sage & Citrus
Not only do so many of these photos just exude coziness, but some also make you feel so refreshed!  You can just take a breath and enjoy the soothing vibe that Lisa and Ashley captured in their candle settings!  Fresh flowers and fruits pair perfectly with natural soy candles, and these photos make you want to snatch them up!
Fragrance: Pumpkin Spice
Fragrance: Momma's Kitchen
Above all, a candle should make you feel at home.  However you want your home to feel, whether that be warm and fuzzy (like Bianca and Judi's home!), relaxing, clean, or anything in between, that is what a candle should do for you. 
Your home is more than just a place to live, and we hope that one of our candles can help bring the heart of your home out for all who walk through your doors to love and enjoy.
Fragrance: Lavender
Do you love what your candle brings to your home?  Share a photo with us in the comments below, or tag us on Instagram
We always enjoy seeing our candles in action making people happy!
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How to Create the Perfect Candle Setting: My Little Kate Cod

How to Create the Perfect Candle Setting: My Little Kate Cod

The girls at the Antique Candle Works studio can’t get enough of home décor and the unique styles we see through some of our friends on Instagram.  Our favorite look involves mixing the new with the old, the modern with the vintage.  I connected with our friend Katie from My Little Kate Cod to discuss her love for cape cod/farmhouse style décor and how to use Antique Candle Works candles to create the perfect candle setting!


Though Katie doesn’t have a professional interior design background, she has earned the title of “pretty space maker” through years of growing up watching and working with her own mother as she decorated her home in stunning seasonal settings.  This is where she first witnessed mixing modern and vintage style!


When it comes to decorating, Katie always tries to works with the house and all its unique characteristics.  She loves making every color, detail, and accent come together in perfect harmony in her old cape-cod house. 

With an old house comes many individual traits unique to that house, and working with those quirks allows Katie to truly bring the home to life.  This is evident by her gorgeous Instagram photos that I cannot get enough of!


One of my favorite things about her home is now naturally she fits in our candles into her décor.  She makes a point for her candle placement to be safe, but also strategic.  She makes them centerpieces so that everyone who comes in and enjoys her lovely home can also enjoy her yummy candles! 

She also loves the warm glow that a candle brings to a room, which offers both light and ambience to her darker rooms with fewer lights.  What could be more cozy than soft candlelight?


When putting her candles out, Katie’s favorite way to make a setting is actually to group candles together!  She likes having two candles, side-by-side, with one larger and one smaller.  She says, “Together they're like little pals that are working to make the space smell irresistible!”  Even when the candles are not lit, thanks to Katie’s design skills, they work right into her gorgeous home with their vintage look and neutral colors! 

Not only does pairing candles together create an adorable candle setting, but Katie puts together different scents that complement each other for a whole new candle experience.  She pairs her “favorite favorite,” Fresh Cut Herbs, with her second favorite, Sweet Lemon, that together are just “spring harmony!”


Katie is a genius at creating the most perfect candle settings for her home, and I hope she’s inspired you to get creative with your candles, too!  Check out more pictures of her gorgeous home on Instagram for endless décor inspiration!


Also see our other friends in the Perfect Candle Setting series, Lisa and Martha, for more tips and tricks to create your own adorable placements!


Have a beautiful day!




Photography by Katie Walsh

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A Little Green Goes a Long Way

A Little Green Goes a Long Way

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and it’s got me thinking green—green décor, that is!


That may sound a bit strange considering our love of the light and airy look that comes with farmhouse neutral colors, but sometimes the one thing that this style needs to really pull off the right look is just a touch of color.  And what better to go with natural neutrals than natural greens?


We’ve talked to a few different home décor bloggers about their best decorating tips, including Heather Case from The Southern Hydrangea for her home tour blog, and she agrees that one of the best ways to make a room pop is a simple yet stunning touch of greenery.  This really may be one of the easiest, and most clever ways to make a room pop!  Pair that greenery with one of our adorable neutral colored candles, and you have a match made in heaven!


Heather Case’s home is actually almost all white.  It’s actually pretty amazing, and just gorgeous.  She has the perfect balance of neutral or natural colors in her furnishings, and adds one, maybe two notes of green in every room.  I love how she creates such simple yet eye-catching settings on her living room coffee table.  I can’t get enough of these garland plants!  Heather has really got the pop factor down!


Erin from Cotton Stem Blog uses a bit more of a variety of color in her home, but she still manages to bring the perfect touches of greenery to every room!  She truly is a ‘faux plant lady’ and puts together adorable settings that truly bring life into her home.  I personally love the fireplace in her bedroom.  She’s taken this and has created something unique by filling the fireplace with logs and notes of green, and has kept the mantelpiece simple yet beautiful.


Finally, we have Natalie from the Vintage Porch.  Her specialty, and my favorite thing about her home, is right there in the name.  Her home really is vintage.  Everything about it takes you back in time, or reminds you of your favorite antique store!  The small notes of greenery she adds in every room only enhance the already lovely décor.  The pale green she often uses is a great way to compliment the pale neutrals of her home while adding the perfect amount of contrast.


What you should know about adding greenery to your home is this: a little goes a long way, but don’t be afraid to be unique!  Greenery in the form of plants is a great way to bring some freshness into your home (even if they are faux plants), while adding the perfect touches of color where they need to be.  They complement your home in all the best ways, so why not join the queens of greens and add a little greenery to your home!


Want your home to smell like the perfect touch of greenery, too?  Check out our brand new fragrance: Fresh Cut Herbs!  This cozy, spicy smell of herbs includes basil and fresh spearmint with hints of floral and apple.  The perfect scent to bring an extra note of freshness into your home!




Photography by HJ Creative Photography, Heather Case (The Southern Hydrangea), Erin (Cotton Stem), and Natalie Kolter (Vintage Porch)

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How to Style Antique Candles: The Turquoise Home and Our Humble Nest

How to Style Antique Candles: The Turquoise Home and Our Humble Nest

The Antique Candle Works team always has so much fun putting together vintage vessels for the monthly Antique Candle Sale, and we had many unique candles in our latest restock that we were so excited to share with you! If you were lucky enough to snag one of these vintage pieces before they ran out, you’ll need to know how to style them in your home!  Thanks to Laura from The Turquoise Home and Erica from Our Humble Nest, we’ve put together some helpful tips and ideas for styling one of our antique candles in your home!


If there’s anything that makes these candles truly unique, besides their enticing scents, it’s that they really are vintage.  We actually get these vessels from antique stores and similar sources to repurpose them into the adorable candles you see.  So, work with that!  Surround your candles with other vintage décor pieces that complement the candles and make them the highlight of a room.


Speaking of making the candle a highlight of a room, putting it at a high place in an area may not make it the center of attention but will add an extra touch of eye-catching vintage style to your home.  Laura often places her antique candles on her mantel piece.  The light of a candle being at a high place warms up a room with happy moods and yummy smells.


Add it to a collection.  A collection of décor, that is!  You might, like many of our friends with an interest in interior design, decorate their home based on seasons.  Luckily, our antique candles make perfect additions to every type of seasonal décor.  For spring, our blue Ball jars go particularly well will bright spring flowers and notes of greenery.  Pair them with these pieces to create stunning floral settings with the perfect note of vintage!


Antique Candle Works candles are the only candles that Laura from The Turquoise Home burns in her house, and our antique candles in particular go perfect with her unique and bright style!  Erica from Our Humble Nest has many gorgeous photos of antique candles in her home by mixing the perfect amounts of green notes with her white/neutral colors.


No matter how you style your antique candles, there is no doubt that they will be the great additions to every room of your home!


Don’t have one of these unique candles yet?  Don’t worry!  Keep a look out on the Antique Candle listing page for an update on the next antique candle restock!


Want to learn more about Laura or Erica?  Check out The Turquoise Home and Our Humble Nest on Instagram!




Photography by Laura from The Turquoise Home, Erica from Our Humble Nest, and HJ Creative Photography

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3 Best Candle Staging Ideas for your Home

3 Best Candle Staging Ideas for your Home

It’s that time again.  The rush of the holidays has settled down and you finally have a moment to breathe and take it all in.  Now that Christmas is over, you may have some new gifts that need to find a place in your home, and one of those new things just may be an Antique Candle Works candle

Now that you’ve gotten your first (or your twentieth!) Antique Candle Works candle, with the help of some awesome home décor bloggers, we will show you some of the most stunning ways to display it in your home!


Pair your candle with something fresh

Whether that’s a bouquet of flowers or a basket of apples, Antique Candle Works candles always go well in your home with something fresh and natural!  The candles are made from natural soy beans and fine fragrance oils, so it only makes sense that the candle be paired with something straight from nature! 

Lisa from Farmhouse on Boone loves staging her candles in the most natural way possible.  She shared this, and some of her other decorating tips in the blog Perfect Candle Setting.  Sometimes simple is the best way to go!


Cozy up your kitchen

Some of the homiest candle photos are all set in one place: the kitchen.  The kitchen, in many ways, is the heart of the home.  It’s where yummy meals are made and the family gathers to share stories and laughter.  So, it is definitely the perfect place to put a warm and cozy candle from Antique Candle Works!   

Placing it on a countertop amidst some of your cutest kitchen essentials is the perfect way to make your candle look like it’s a part of the home.  Bianca from With Lavender and Grace knows how to create an adorable setting with simple but cute pieces of her farmhouse kitchen!


Create a centerpiece with a grouping of three

You can’t go wrong with staging your candle in the middle of a table.  However, you can easily spice it up with a few other décor pieces for a classy, finished look.  Three items, including your candle, of three different sizes, perhaps even of different styles, but that all compliment the rest of your room. 

Martha from Simple Cozy Charm loves creating gorgeous centerpieces by combining her favorite Antique Candle Works candles with modern and farmhouse design!  She shared this, and other insightful décor tips in the blog Perfect Candle Setting.


No matter how you choose to style your new Antique Candle Works candles, you can always be sure that they will fill your home with the most yummy, soothing, and cozy candles any time of the year.


These ideas from some of our friends will help your house feel like a home!


Have a beautiful day, and don’t forget to check out our Candle Guide for the best way to pick out the perfect candle!




Photography by Ashley from Our Modern Antebellum, Lisa from Farmhouse on Boone, Bianca from With Lavender and Grace, and Martha from Simple Cozy Charm

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Giving Thanks - Linen and Basil

Giving Thanks - Linen and Basil

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and we couldn’t be more excited!  Thanksgiving is a time to be surrounded by your loved ones, enjoy a delicious feast, and reflect on your blessings throughout the year. 

This year, we at Antique Candle Works have so much to be thankful for!  We’ve grown as a team, as a business, and have made so many friends along the way!

In the spirit of giving thanks, we’ve teamed up with our good friend Jen from Linen and Basil to share one of the things we are so thankful to be able to give to you: candles.  Without great friends and candles, we wouldn’t be where we are today!

Jen is a lover of Jesus and interior design from Atlanta.  She has a gorgeous home where she takes beautiful photos of her modern farmhouse décor, and our candles!

Jen also shares something else we are very thankful for this holiday.  Antique Candle Works is a Christian-based small business, and we are open about who we are as followers of Christ.  Like us, Jen’s faith is very important to her.  She couldn’t have put it better, “I think we often take for granted that we live in a country where we are free to worship whoever we choose.  For me, Christianity is a part of who I am, and I am thankful to be able to say that.”

The holiday season often brings to light what is truly important in life.  Through our candles, we want to remind people of what that is.  It may be Momma’s Kitchen that reminds you of the love of family, or Vanilla that reminds you of the sweetness of friends.  Or perhaps it’s Good Tidings, a reminder of the good news of the true meaning of Christmas. 

We are so thankful for faith, family, friends (like Jen!), and the opportunity to share those happy thoughts with you through the simplest of gifts: a soy candle.

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?  We’d love to hear how you spend the holiday, and which candle most reminds you of the important things in life.




Photography by Jen from Linen and Basil

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How to Create the Perfect Candle Setting: Simple Cozy Charm

How to Create the Perfect Candle Setting: Simple Cozy Charm

As you may know, here at Antique Candle Works we strive to achieve that popular farmhouse look in our Mason jar and antique candles.  It’s a style that is pure and simple—just like us.  I recently connected with our friend Martha from the Simple Cozy Charm blog who also adores farmhouse design and shares an appreciation for our soy candles!


For Martha, it all started a couple years ago when her oldest of three daughters went off to college.  With a husband who travels for a living and the realization that in a few years they would be ‘empty nesters,’ she was concerned about how to handle this new transition.  So, she decided to focus on her love of decorating and push forward in hopes of “finding a new beginning.”


Her home is evidence that farmhouse style came naturally to Martha.  With early roots on a farm and a house on a quiet lake, the country life is home!


I feel like many of us can relate to one of Martha’s favorite aspects of decorating: shopping!  I know I always love browsing the home goods section!  She also loves that a big part of interior design is change.  She can create an entirely new space by simply rearranging the furniture and décor she already has!  There is always something new and creative that can be added to a room.


On Instagram, Martha shares a whole gallery of photos of her beautiful home.  We adore all of her pictures, and we love seeing how she styles Antique Candle Works candles in her home! “Candles mean COZY!”  They create an atmosphere of warmth and romance, which can add a whole other level of hominess to any room!


To Martha, the perfect candle setting means a grouping of three.  Three different items, including a candle, that complement one another within the room. 

She enjoys combining fresh flowers, an old book, and a good candle (like an Antique Candle Works candle!).  No matter how she designs a candle setting, it always creates a happy atmosphere in every room. 


Her favorite room to decorate with candles, however, is the kitchen!  With the classic Mason jars that hold our candles and some of Martha’s favorite scents such as Clean Cotton, Momma’s Kitchen, and Pumpkin Spice, the kitchen is the perfect place for an extra touch of farmhouse flare!


Visit Martha’s blog for some excellent reading on home décor and stop by her Instagram for a gallery of gorgeous home photos!  Stay up to date with Simple Cozy Charm on Facebook!  I hope Martha’s insight on decorating helps you to create your very own, perfect candle setting with your favorite Antique Candle Works candle!


This article is second in the series of, "How to Create the Perfect Candle Setting."  Has Martha's advice inspired you?  Let us know, or check out Lisa's advice from the Farmhouse on Boone!

Come back next week for a long-awaited post featuring our soy melts and some great hacks for using them!


Have a beautiful day!




Photography by Martha Knake

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How to Create the Perfect Candle Setting: Farmhouse on Boone

How to Create the Perfect Candle Setting: Farmhouse on Boone

At Antique Candle Works, we love the farmhouse home decorating style!  We are obsessed with shiplap, neutral colors, and vintage repurposing.  I recently connected with one of our friends, Lisa from the Farmhouse on Boone blog, who shares our love for farmhouse life and decor!

Lisa has always adored DIY (Do It Yourself) and creative things, and is always coming up with a new project to tackle!  There is something beautiful about turning anything into something amazing. 

The simplicity of the farmhouse style allows her to create a gorgeous home for her and her family while reflecting her chicken raising, cooking from scratch, garden growing lifestyle.


Lisa’s favorite aspect of interior design is the first step: collecting inspiration.  She spends a lot of time on Pinterest finding new and creative ideas, as well as thinking through designs before she begins working on them.  Envisioning a finished project and understanding exactly what it will look like and bring to the home as a whole is an important step before even picking up a hammer—you don’t want something that’s out of place!


One of our favorite things about seeing Lisa’s beautiful photography of her home on Instagram is how she creates gorgeous candle settings with our candles!  With minimalism and simplicity, she puts together incredible candle settings that are natural and add to the comforting, casual atmosphere in her house.  A candle makes everything more cozy!

When styling candles, Lisa typically pairs them with flowers or a small basket.  She picked up a decorating tip that suggests to create decorative settings by styling in sets of three, each item varying in height to create a new, eye-catching level with each piece.  A great tip!  Sometimes Lisa chooses to follow it with candles, sometimes not, but she always manages to create a beautiful candle setting!

Lisa’s favorite way to decorate Antique Candle Works candles is to place them on a windowsill and pair them with a pitcher of fresh flowers.  What could be more perfect than a refreshing fragrance and a lovely bouquet in the sunlight? 

She also likes setting them on night stands to fill a bedroom with any one of our unique scents, including her personal favorite: Apple Pickin’!

Check out Lisa’s blog and the gorgeous photos of her farmhouse home on Instagram and Facebook!  I hope her insight on décor and how to create a beautiful setting helps you to create the perfect candle setting in your home using your favorite Antique Candle Works candle!


Stay tuned for our next few blog posts!  We are excited to be introducing our brand new, limited time, late summer fragrance!  Here’s a hint…You’re going to love it!


Visit the Antique Candle Works Facebook page to keep up to date with what's going on in the candle studio!


Have a beautiful day!




Photography by Andrea Elizabeth Photography and Lisa Bass

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The Grace House

The Grace House

One of our favorite parts of making candles is being able to see them after they leave our doors and enter yours!  Many of the photos we share on Instagram come from real, beautiful homes.  One of our friends that is always sharing photos with us is Jennifer from The Grace House.

Jennifer is a Texas gal who expresses her passion for interior design in a custom-made house she shares with her husband and daughter.  With her classic farmhouse style, she uses light, neutral colors and rustic décor to create a warm and inviting space to call her own.  She shares her work on a blogInstagram, and Pinterest, all of which are covered with beautiful and inspiring photos.  Because the world can be so chaotic, Jennifer believes that a home, “should be a place filled with the love and grace of our Jesus Christ, hence the name The Grace House.”

One of my personal favorite aspects of her home is Jennifer’s tablescape.  I have always loved themed table décor with beautiful runners, place settings, and center pieces!  Her most recent tablescape is Easter themed, and it is beyond adorable!

By highlighting some of our scents in photography that Jennifer herself has featured and that she has provided for us, she has done so much to help Antique Candle Works grow.  Our rustic and antique style that embodies our Mason Jar and antique candles are lovely additions to an already lovely home!  We love knowing that fragrances such as Southern Hospitality are providing great scents and attributing to a homey atmosphere.

It’s easy to feel like you’re catching up with an old friend when you read Jennifer’s blog and follow the pictures she shares.  For this southern designer, her house is her canvas, and with it she is able to create masterpieces that inspire others.  We are extremely excited to be even a small part of what makes The Grace House, a home.



Photography by Jennifer from The Grace House

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