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Antique Candle Works Gift Guide

Antique Candle Works Gift Guide

It’s that time of year where it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and, if you’re like me, am a little behind in checking friends and family off the shopping list. But no worries! We have got you covered!

Even if it’s not a gift for Christmas, Antique Candle Works have nearly 20 unique fragrances and there is sure to be something everyone on your list will love! I mean, you can’t go wrong with a good candle, right?

We understand that it’s hard to pick out a new scent without actually being able to smell it first. But I know all our fragrances by heart, so this new and improved Antique Candle Works candle guide is sure to help you find the best candle for your loved one (or even for yourself)!


For the Holidays

Is there anything better than a warm Christmas-scented candle around the wintery holiday season? We have some yummy fragrances that literally just smell like joy in a jar—plain and simple. (My Mamaw actually loves Christmas Day all year-round!)

Christmas Day        Good Tidings       Peppermint       White Pine


For Him

Let’s give a hand for the candle-lovin’ man! These fragrances definitely don’t discriminate (hello—my favorite it Cashmere!), but these our most popular scents with our guy friends!

Back Roads       Cashmere       Vanilla       White Pine


For the Homebody

These people love everything cozy! They are perfectly content staying home with a fuzzy blanket, a warm cup of coffee, and a good book (or movie!). Comfort and feeling warm inside is priority. All our candles are cozy, but these have a little something extra!

Cashmere       Fall Harvest       Fresh Cut Herbs       Momma’s Kitchen

Pumpkin Spice


For the Adventurous Spirit

Just the opposite of the homebody, this person wants to explore the world—or at least the great outdoors! But no matter where they go, they always have a place to call home.

Apple Pickin’       Autumn Leaves       Back Roads       White Pine       Wildflowers


For the Neat Freak

No shame in being a busy body around the home—I wish I was like this! These are your friends who seem to always be on top of the household chores and like things fresh and clean!

Clean Cotton       Lavender       Sage & Citrus       Southern Hospitality


For the Flower Child

Do you know a crazy plant lady? Well these candles are for her! Extra floral and extra fresh, these friends love the feel-good, natural sense of aromatherapy. Or, maybe they just love to stop and smell the flowers.

Apple Pickin’       Fresh Cut Herbs       Lavender       Sweet Lemon



No matter who you’re shopping for, Antique Candle Works has the best candle fragrances to match! There’s a new yummy scent for everyone, and if you follow this guide, you might just find your new favorite, too!

Thank you to all who supported us this past Cyber Monday! What candles are you gifting your friends this year? Let me know in the comments below!

Keep up with Antique Candle Works on Pinterest for all the best Candle Tips & Tricks, including a super easy to follow candle guide!

Have a blessed day friends!

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5 Reasons to Shop Small

5 Reasons to Shop Small

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably already gotten a start on your holiday shopping.  However, if you’re like me you’ll probably still be shopping that weekend before Christmas!  This year, though, I’m taking a bit of a different approach as I cross friends and family off my list.

I recently celebrated my two years with Antique Candle Works.  It has been truly amazing watching this small business grow in so many ways.  Two years ago, it was primarily just Brittany and I.  Now, the candle crew has grown to nearly twenty people and everything is completely different in all the best ways. 

Working here has given me a perspective on small businesses that I never even realized, but one that I will always appreciate.  So this year, I’m shopping small for the holidays.  And here’s why:


5 Reasons You Should Support Small Business


  1. You are helping make dreams come true.

Starting a small business is no simple feat, but it comes from a place of passion.  When you place an order online or buy that cute shirt at your local boutique, a real person is doing a happy dance in your honor.  They wouldn’t be able to do what they love without your support.  That’s why we are always doing happy dances here in the studio!

  1. Small businesses care about YOU.

Small businesses are run by people, not by boards or stockholders.  There’s a unique kind of care and love that comes from real people serving real individuals.  You mean everything to small businesses, and not just as a customer.  You are truly valued as a person and friend, and we are constantly looking at how to thank you for your support.  You can always feel like your purchases and input matter.

  1. You’ll be a part of a community.

When you support local or small business, you become a part of a larger community that is really more like family.  At Antique Candle Works, each of you are our candle friends, and we love being able to interact with you on a personal level.  Whether that is through email, Instagram, a blog, or meeting you in person, small businesses value spending time with you.  There’s a unique relationship unlike anything else.

  1. You support local communities.

Not only will you be part of a family when you support local business, but you will also be contributing to the local community around that business.  Small businesses also tend to buy from other small businesses, so your support goes beyond just one community and into the lives of more people than you may think!  Remember how I mentioned that two years ago, Antique Candle Works had only two employees?  You are the reason more jobs can be created, and that matters to many people and families behind the scenes.

  1. Small businesses know what you love.

Local businesses are close to the consumer, so they know what you do and don’t like.  There is something so creative and authentic about goods from small businesses that just can’t be replicated on a large scale.  That’s because these businesses use every resource to create the highest quality goods, and it’s all for you.  Pure heart and soul goes into everything that comes from these businesses, and you always know when something is made with love.  Anything that comes from passion always means more on so many levels.

When you shop small, you become a part of a support system that goes so far beyond your purchase.  You may not even realize it, but you are supporting countless individuals and families who put their whole hearts into making dreams a reality.

Antique Candle Works couldn’t be more grateful for all our friends, new and old, who have supported our candle journey over the years.  Being a part of a small business has personally changed my life, which is why I’ll be shopping local this holiday season!

What are your favorite places to shop small for this upcoming Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday?  Let me know in the comments below!

Become a part of the Antique Candle Works family and be the first to know about everything behind the scenes!

Happy shopping, friends!

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Antique Candle Works in Stores: Rod Works

Antique Candle Works in Stores: Rod Works

Y’all, we have been working so hard to spread that candle love all across The United States and Canada, and we are so happy to say that Antique Candle Works is in more stores, online marketplaces, and subscription boxes than ever!  With over 200 unique retailers, it’s never been easier to find Antique Candle Works near you!


We recently connected with a brand new candle partner that is like the Hobby Lobby of farmhouse boutiques!  Think of never ending florals, the cutest kitchen goodies, and all the best decorations of the season, and you’ve got Rod Works!

This ever-inspiring business began in 1996, born from the creativity of the owners who wanted more unique, higher quality décor in their home.  Their iron creations sparked requests from friends and neighbors, and as business grew, they moved from working at home to the first Rod Works location on Lehi, Utah.


Since then, they have expanded their quality décor line and have opened several more storefronts in Utah, Nevada, Colorado, California, and Arizona.  As of just a few months ago, Antique Candle Works became a part of the Rod Works vision to inspire you and help you decorate your home with your own personal style!  Yay!


Rod Works is literally on my bucket list of adorable stores to visit.  I could probably spend an entire day in just one of their stores, and get some decorating advise while I’m at it!  The Rod Works crew actually offers free in-store decorating help—all you have to do is bring in a photo of your home or tell them about your space, and they’ll help you fill it!


If you can’t make it to their store, they also have tons of home décor tips and tricks on their blog, and on YouTube from the Good Things Utah show! (I’ll be binging those later, by the way!)


Rod Works takes decorating seriously, and seriously takes it to the next level.  If you’re ever out west, you’ve got to check out this amazing Antique Candle Works partner!


Do you have your own retail storefront and are interesting in working with Antique Candle Works?  Contact us!  We would love the opportunity to meet a new friend!


Check out our list of all the stores that carry your favorite Antique Candle Works candles!  You might be surprised to find one near you!


Get inspired everyday with Rod Works on Facebook and Instagram!


Happy decorating, friends!




Photography by Rod Works

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Fall in the Candle Studio

Fall in the Candle Studio

I can’t say this enough:


Happy Fall Y’all!

There is literally so much to enjoy and be thankful for this season, which is why we love it so much here in the studio!  And to celebrate the cozy season, last Saturday we invited everyone to come join us for the second ever Open Candle Studio event! 

We had our first Open Candle Studio back in April when we opened our doors to the public for the very first time, and it was so much fun!  This time around, we vamped it up even more.  It was the perfect fall day for it, too!  So, in case you didn’t make it this time around, here’s your fall event recap:

The entire studio was decked out for the season!  We had pumpkins, hay bales, mums, sunflowers, crates; the whole nine yards. (I wish we could keep it like that all the time!)

Our yummiest fall fragrances were set out on adorable displays for easy shopping, AND easy smelling!

Our first 40 friends lined up at the door got to enjoy a free fall candle for coming out and celebrating with us!  What’s better than a free cozy candle?

We had some of our favorite antique candles available during this special day, and everyone loved seeing all the unique vintage candles filled with the best autumn smells.  They got first dibs on these candles usually only available during the Antique Candle Restock!

All our friends also got the chance to enjoy some live candle making by a few of our talented candle makers.  We made Pumpkin Spice that day—SO YUMMY!

Dan and the band set the mood for such a beautiful day with some folksy gospel music that made you want to dance.  (And some did!)

There were tons of tasty fall snacks (thank you Sarah and Carol!) including caramel apples, cheese and crackers, and sweet and salty candy corn mix.

Our studio guests even had the exclusive chance to test out the possibilities for one of the next Antique Candle Works fragrances!  We will be making a BIG announcement in the next few months about some springy goodness that may just be our biggest hit yet!

It was such an exciting day filled with so much fun in the studio, but what we loved most was being able to meet so many of our friends, new and old, together in one place and in person.

We loved chatting with each of you and having the opportunity to share where all the magic happens at Antique Candle Works.

Thank you to everyone who came and supported our small business!

If you couldn’t make it this time, we’d still love to meet you at the next one!  Become an email friend to get the latest in the studio, including all upcoming special events!

See you soon, friend!

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Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice: Hello Fall Fragrances!

Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice: Hello Fall Fragrances!

Happy Fall Y’all!  The best time of the year is finally here!  In just 3 days, the season of sweater weather, apple cider, corn mazes, hayrides, changing leaves, pumpkins, plaid shirts, bonfires, and especially Grandma’s homemade pie will finally be a reality!  (No more pretending my fall décor will magically change the season.)

We LOVE fall here in the candle studio.  It means we will be making a ton of all our coziest fragrances—which makes work even more fun!

Antique Candle Works actually recently released two yummy fall fragrances: one brand new, the other a reinvention of a classic scent.  We also have several more that are just too yummy to pass up!  Our favorite autumn scents are the BEST to share with friends like you and bring the goodness of the season right into your home! 

Pumpkin Spice

A warm, delicious blend of pumpkin, spices, honey and maple with sugary vanilla frosting.

The most classic of all the fall fragrances, but also one of the yummiest!  This year, we reinvented our classic Pumpkin Spice fragrance to bring you an even more perfect blend of that sweet, spicy, pumpkin-y goodness you all know and love! 

Fall Harvest

An autumn aroma with apple, crushed cinnamon, and clove, with hints of orange peel and sweet vanilla. 

Antique Candle Works’ brand new fall fragrance may just be the best one yet!  It has stolen the hearts of many of our candle makers (including myself) and is so yummy, you just have to try it for yourself.  It is literally sweet, spiced, and everything nice! 

Autumn Leaves

The naturally fresh, woody smell of leaves in the brisk autumn air, this medley of birch and maple leaves with pomegranate, juniper berry, and orange blossom added to the blend, brings the glory of fall into your home.

This is definitely the most outdoorsy of all our fall scents!  Autumn Leaves literally brings the crispness of the autumn air indoors with the most perfect fresh blend.  It’s great for those cozy fall mornings and relaxing evenings.

Momma’s Kitchen

Warm and cozy all wrapped up in one great smelling scent! Top notes of green apple, peach and pine needle leading to a spicy cinnamon clove and thyme with sweet balsamic spice.  

This yummy fall fragrance has all the spiciness you love!  It’s a nostalgic scent that leaves you feeling all warm and cozy inside, and you just can’t help but smile every time you smell it.  Remember all those days of Mom or Grandma baking pies during the harvest season?  THIS is that smell! 

Apple Pickin’

The sweet smell of freshly picked apples from the orchard.

There’s no other smell that makes your mouth just water like freshly harvest apples.  A fun fall activity has always been to go to your favorite apple orchard and get a bushel of the best apples of the season.  Apple Pickin’ tells that story in one super yummy, super crisp fragrance!

What is your favorite fall fragrance?  Let us know in the comments below!

I know what you’re thinking: “I wish I could smell all these yummy fall fragrances!”


Well, you can!


If you live in or are visiting the Midwest soon, stop by the Antique Candle Works studio in Lafayette, Indiana, for our second official Open Candle Studio Event!  On September 29th, we will be opening up our doors to everyone who loves yummy snacks, live music, candle making, and of course, the best handmade candles! 

Come and smell all of our 18 yummy fragrances, and fall in love with a new one you’ve never smelled before!

We are so excited to meet you friend, so be sure to join the event on Facebook and come say hi! 

Have a beautiful first day of fall, y’all!

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A Day in the Life of Waylon: The Candle Pug

A Day in the Life of Waylon: The Candle Pug

There’s no doubt that there’s something special about small businesses.  Here, we are a studio family, all the candles are carefully hand poured and shipped, and we love every one of our sweet candle friends.  Antique Candle Works is unique as far as small businesses go, but we also have one thing that sets us apart from the rest.  Meet:


The Candle Pug.

Waylon starts his days at the Antique Candle Works studio with the best brew our K-Cups have to offer.  He is not a morning pug, so no puppy-talk until he’s finished his coffee.  That’s nonnegotiable.


With a much needed caffeine kick, Waylon can finally start filling our wax melter, ‘Pam’.  (The other melter is dubbed ‘Phyllis’—HA!)  Sometimes this can get a bit messy… 

Once that’s done, it’s time for managerial duties.  Waylon is the overseer of the studio and not a thing gets by his watchful eye—until he falls asleep.  Besides his morning nap, Waylon takes his role as Boss Pug very seriously.

Lunch time, Waylon’s second favorite activity of the day (after going home and eating dinner).  He licks his dish clean, but can’t stop himself from begging for an extra treat from the candle makers.  Puppy-dog eyes alert! 

After lunch, Waylon takes a break from the studio to do some office work with his human.  It’s a little confusing for this pug, so he mainly just watches Brittany work her magic.

Candle time!  Once the candles have been poured (which Waylon made sure of during his overseeing duties), it’s time to clean them up.  Waylon is pro-pug at making sure every candle is cleaned and labeled perfectly for our candle friends!

Waylon loves shipping you your favorite candles!  So much so that he might steal one of our hand-stamped boxes for himself and pretend to be Happy Mail!  (Adorable happy mail!)

Finally, with his busy list of duties for the day complete, this Candle Pug is ready for a well-deserved nap until it’s time to close up the studio.  A long day of hard work and candle making couldn’t have happened without his helpful paw.

The Antique Candle Works Candle Pug is so much fun!  I hope you love Waylon as much as we do!  Not every candle business has such an adorable mascot!

Want more behind the scenes in the candle studio?  Be the first to hear about everything going on (maybe even more about Waylon) by becoming an Antique Candle Works email friend

You can also stay up to date on Instagram and Pinterest!

“Have a pawsome day, friends!” –The Candle Pug

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Hand Poured Goodness Inside...

Hand Poured Goodness Inside...

A lot goes into Antique Candle Works to make truly unique, high quality candles that are handmade with love.  From the candle makers who have a personal hand in every single candle, to the candles themselves made with natural, domestically grown soy, fine fragrance oils, and pure cotton wicks, every detail has you in mind.  That even includes how your candles reach your door.


We’ve made a lot of changes to the ACW Personal Touch since the last time we talked about your favorite happy mail.  Every candle delivery is special because it is a little gift to you, and that’s exactly how we want you to feel! 

Your candle mail begins with a hand-stamped box so you always know when that package on your step really is happy mail.  That is, if you can’t already smell the yumminess inside!


Open your package, and you’ll find some goodies right on top for you to enjoy! 

As a small business, we want you to know Antique Candle Works and the people behind it personally.  You can read a little bit about the story of Antique Candle Works and its owner, Brittany, learn about the uniqueness of our candles (and some candle tips), and even see what fragrances we are loving for the season.  You can also find out which of our sweet candle makers made your candles! 

Then finally, your favorite moment has arrived.  In our carefully wrapped packaging you’ll read, “Hand Poured Goodness Inside.”  Pull back the decorative tissue and there they are.  The goodness you’ve been waiting for: your favorite Antique Candle Works candles!


The first thing you see is a little bonus candle of a fragrance you didn’t order.  It might even be one you’ve never tried before!  These little samples are included in every order to help you find a new favorite scent every time you open our happy mail!


Every candle and wax melt is individually packaged for protection, and to make your gift extra special!  Our larger candles are wrapped and put into their own small boxes, and small 4oz candles and melts are wrapped in decorative tissue.  Everything is its own little surprise for you to open and experience one at a time!


The joy of finding happy mail by your front door is so much fun, but what's even more fun is actually opening that package!  Even though you probably remember what candle goodness you ordered, it is still exciting to finally open up all those little ‘treat yourself’ gifts and be able to smell all that yumminess right in your own home.


With a little extra care and a lot of love, Antique Candle Works hopes to bring you your favorite unboxing experience!  We care about each and every one of you, so this is a little gift from us to our best candle friends.


Here’s to the best Happy Mail Day, friends!


Did your candle package just come in?  Share your unboxing story with us on Instagram!

Have you heard?  Our newest fall fragrance, Fall Harvest, is available before its release date exclusively to our email friends!  Become an email friend to join in and be one of the first to try my new favorite fall scent!


Fall Harvest: An autumn aroma with apple, crushed cinnamon, and clove, with hints of orange peel and sweet vanilla. 




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Candle Studio Update 2018

Candle Studio Update 2018

Your favorite candle studio is growing!  From new friends joining our team, to moving our operation to a whole different location, a few things have changed since our last Studio Update.  We are so thankful to all of you who have followed the Antique Candle Works journey and to those who are just joining in, so I think another update is in order!


A New Home

Last fall, we realized that Antique Candle Works had outgrown the small storefront space we were in.  So we packed everything up and moved to a much larger warehouse across town! 

We are now in a brand new building with a separate office space, a loft for storage, and so much room to make even more candles!


New Faces

When the last update was published, we had just added Macey to the candle crew, making it three of us in the studio (plus Ed during the summer and holidays!).  Not long afterward, we welcomed Carol and Sarah to the team!  Once we moved locations, Kelsey, Julie, Emily, and Tori fit right in at Antique Candle Works, along with Mark during the summer months!  We will also be welcoming Hannah here very soon!


Staying with the times…

You may have noticed a few changes around the website since the beginning of the year.  Now if you are clicking on from Instagram, you’ll be greeted with a welcome page with click links to all your favorite pages!  We also revamped the home page and navigation tools to give you a better experience! 

With features such as a new ‘Reviews’ page, and plenty of behind the scenes fun to explore Inside the Studio, the Heart of the Business, and the Missionaries We Support.  Plus our email friends will enjoy a few cool new features as well!


17 Fragrances and Counting

You probably already have gotten the chance to love our newest fragrances, Sweet Lemon and Fresh Cut Herbs

We can’t get enough of them in the studio!  We’ve also added them to our new line of candle sample packs!  However, we are always looking for yummy scents to add to our collection.  Stay tuned here in the next month or two for some exciting candle news! (Hint: Who doesn’t love the fall?)


The Unboxing Experience

If you’ve ordered your favorite candles recently, you may have noticed the packaging is a little different than it was last year, and so much cuter!  With adorable candle boxes, fun inserts, and hand stamped packages, you will always know when your happy mail has hand poured goodness inside (stay tuned for a blog all about it!).

Fun in the Studio

A few months ago, the candle crew had the pleasure of meeting so many of you, our friends, face to face for the first ever Open Studio Event!  The candle studio is usually closed and used just for production and shipping, but for one day only, we welcomed everyone in to smell all their favorite scents, see some behind the scenes candle making, and enjoy some yummy snacks and good company! 

The Open Studio was a hit, and I’m excited to let you blog readers be the first to know that we have officially picked our dates for the next events!  Mark your calendars for September 29th and November 10th for the fall and holiday themed open candle studio events!  Can’t wait to see you there!


Blue Skies Ahead…

With so many changes in not so long a time, we can’t wait to see what else is in store for Antique Candle Works.  We might welcome new members to the candle crew family, add a few more fragrances, or maybe something even bigger.  No matter what, we can’t thank you enough for following along in our business journey.  We wouldn’t be here without you!

Don't forget that Fresh Cut Herbs is July's Scent of the Month and is 10% for a couple more weeks!  Also, there are still a few vintage candles left from the last Antique Candle Restock!  Go grab them before they're gone!


Have a beautiful day, friends!




Photography by HJay Creative Photography, Wildflower Salvage, and Will Massaro (IG)

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Summer Lovin' Candles

Summer Lovin' Candles

Happy Independence Day friends!


It’s been a hot summer here in Indiana, but it’s also been a blessing to see so many sunny days!  With all the sunshine and blue skies, I’ve been enjoying some clean and refreshing candles to help keep my home cool and cozy.  We all have our favorite candles for different times of the year, but these are some of our favorite summer lovin’ scents!


Apple Pickin’

The sweet smell of freshly picked apples from the orchard.

You can’t go wrong with Apple Pickin’!  This fragrance is fresh, sweet, crisp, and downright mouth-watering.  This is definitely a favorite this time of year with a mix of spring apple blossoms and fall apple harvest.

“Received a sample of Apple Pickin’ with my very first order and oh my goodness!!  Amazing!!  Just ordered one in preparation for my favorite time of the year! …It most definitely smells like the real thing!” –Hilary (Instagram)


Back Roads

An outdoor, fresh, woody bouquet with top notes of ozone, fresh leafy greens, lemon and apple, combined with bright cedar, jasmine, lavender, violet, and lilac.  Finally, highlighted with a soft musk.

This scent is so nostalgic for me, especially during the warm months!  Back Roads quite literally makes me think of back country roads with its amazing, outdoorsy undertones.  See what I see when I smell this fragrance in Visions of Spring!


“Back Roads will always hold sentimental feelings for me…” –Brooke (Instagram)


Fresh Cut Herbs

A cozy, spicy smell of herbs including basil and fresh spearmint, with hints of floral and apple.

One of our newest fragrances has the perfect blend of fresh and cozy!  If you are a crazy plant lady or know one, this is the perfect candle!  I love having the scent of fresh herbs and spices fill my kitchen in the summer.  It also pairs amazingly with Sweet Lemon!

“Everything I have smelled from your shop is amazing.  BUT, my Fresh Cut Herbs candle is my all-time favorite of any candles I have every smelled.  Ever.” –The Hadden Family (Instagram)


Sage & Citrus

An earthy blend of lemon, lime, and sage.

Clean, smooth, and refreshing.  This candle is definitely one of the best fragrances to use if you want to freshen up your home!  With the perfect combination of spiced herbs to crisp citrus, it is a great scent to enjoy on a breezy summer day.

“Love love love this candle!!  You know how tough it can be to try a new candle scent and hope for the best?  Well…no worries at all with this one!  I’ll be purchasing again!” –Patricia (Instagram)


What is your favorite fragrance to burn during the sunny season?  Let us know in the comments below!


Also, don’t forget that Fresh Cut Herbs is 10% off this month!  There’s not a better time to snatch up your favorite candles than during the Scent of the Month sale, so become an email friend to always be the first to know about the next special fragrances!


Enjoy the rest of summer, friends!




Photography by Ashley from Our Modern Antebellum, HJay Creative Photography, Heather from The Southern Hydrangea, Sarah from Little Vintage Nest, Erica from Our Humble Nest, and Root and Roam Home

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Heart of the Home: Candle Photo Faves!

Heart of the Home: Candle Photo Faves!

At Antique Candle Works, we send candles out all over The United States and Canada to spread the joy that a simple candle can bring.  It is always fun to see where our candles ended up once they left our doors, and that they are bringing joy to homes all around.  Thanks to outlets like Facebook and Instagram, we are able to see tons of photos taken by people just like you! 

Fragrance: Clean Cotton

There’s been some great pictures over the past few years, so as a thank you to all our friends who have ever shared photos with us, I’ve put together some of our favorites from home decor bloggers for everyone to enjoy!

I hope you love this gallery of beautiful candle photos set in even more stunning homes, because I can't get enough!

Fragrance: Back Roads
One of the best things about these photos is that you can actually feel how cozy each home is!  I absolutely adore how Erica and Heather can put together such simple yet stunning settings all around their home.  Both these ladies truly are pros at getting the little details just right!
Fragrance: Fresh Cut Herbs
I always love seeing candle photos that have the perfect pop of color!  Sarah and Laura create adorable spring settings with their candles, and whether its using fresh floral clippings or a stunning faux flowers and lamb's ear, their pops of color immediately draw your eye!  For the perfect color accent piece, use a blue Ball jar candle! (Wink, wink!)
Fragrance: Sage & Citrus
Fragrance: Sage & Citrus
Not only do so many of these photos just exude coziness, but some also make you feel so refreshed!  You can just take a breath and enjoy the soothing vibe that Lisa and Ashley captured in their candle settings!  Fresh flowers and fruits pair perfectly with natural soy candles, and these photos make you want to snatch them up!
Fragrance: Pumpkin Spice
Fragrance: Momma's Kitchen
Above all, a candle should make you feel at home.  However you want your home to feel, whether that be warm and fuzzy (like Bianca and Judi's home!), relaxing, clean, or anything in between, that is what a candle should do for you. 
Your home is more than just a place to live, and we hope that one of our candles can help bring the heart of your home out for all who walk through your doors to love and enjoy.
Fragrance: Lavender
Do you love what your candle brings to your home?  Share a photo with us in the comments below, or tag us on Instagram
We always enjoy seeing our candles in action making people happy!
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