Spill the Milk Vintage

From stovetop to studio, Antique Candle Works started from scratch and is now an artisan business with over 70 wholesale partners and hundreds more loyal customers who support our passion for quality handmade goods and great smelling candles.  Just as we take special care in creating every candle that goes out our door, we care for and appreciate every single one of you who share our love for vintage style and fine fragrances.

One of the very first supporters of Antique Candle Works was Kathy Steele from Spill the Milk Vintage in Valparaiso, Indiana.  With the motto, “Be You, Be Bold, Do It Vintage,” Spill the Milk strives to inspire others to embrace their own sense of style. 

This unique store specializes in antique and custom vintage pieces that aim to, “transform a room by adding a ‘conversation’ starter piece to make a statement about you.”  Between furniture, jewelry, and even clothes among a large selection of items, you are bound to find something special.  Along with an endless array of vintage everything, Spill the Milk Vintage also supports several local artisans, including ourselves!

Every piece at Spill the Milk Vintage has a story of its own, even the iconic canvas that inspired the logo for the store. 

The canvas, a beautifully preserved, antique family heirloom, depicts a cat startling a cow, causing it to not only knock over the woman who was milking it, but also spill the milk pail.  The canvas was painted in the 1940s by Fred O. Johnson who also painted many canvases for entertainers such as the Ringling Brothers.  “Spill the Milk” was the name of a carnival game booth owned by Al Steele Sr. in which baseballs were thrown at milk bottles.  This game, along with a few other carnival booths, would later become Steele’s Amusements.  Al Sr. was Kathy’s grandfather, and using his canvas for her vintage shop is a lovely way of honoring that legacy.

We at Antique Candle Works love seeing the stories behind our retail partners, and with a history as unique as Spill the Milk Vintage, it is empowering knowing that they share our love for everything with antique style.  We are very thankful to be even a small part of this extraordinary store, and look forward to working with them in the future!



(Photography from SpilltheMilkVintage.com and @Spillthemilkvintage on Facebook)