Repurposing Your Candle: Mason Jar Craft Ideas

Over the past few months, we have shown you several different tips and tricks for candle care and candle décor!  From creating the most perfect candle setting, to the easiest ways to remove wax melts from your burner, we’ve been with you every step after one of our handmade products enters your door!  One of our most recent candle tips taught you the simplest way we have found to cleaning out your old candle jars.  Our candles are poured by hand into Mason jars, which are classic, stylish pieces that can be used for all kinds of décor.  Mason jars are probably one of the most popular DIY inspirations!  If you’ve had the opportunity to use our candles and clean out the remaining wax using our tutorial, then come back here for three repurposed Mason jar craft ideas!


A Burlap Vase

The easiest use of a repurposed Mason is definitely one of the prettiest.  Simply clean out your Mason jar candle, add clean water, and fill it with your favorite flowers!  Some burlap wrapped around the top adds just the perfect touch of rustic style.  This simple Mason jar vase couldn’t be easier to put together, and looks absolutely beautiful!  Who wouldn’t want this little touch of farmhouse in their home?


Painted and Distressed Vase

This is similar to the simple, clear vase.  After you clean out the wax from your Mason jar, find your favorite chalk paint at your local craft store and get to work!  After a few coats, you can use sandpaper to distress the dried paint however you like.  This gives the jar a more rustic look that will go perfectly in your home!  Add your wildflowers and you have the perfect piece of farmhouse décor.



A Distressed Bathroom Set

This craft idea can work with all sizes of Antique Candle Works Mason jar candles!  Get them all cleaned out and paint the jars using your favorite chalk paint.  Practice your distressing skills with sandpaper, and you get three adorable painted jars!  Next, fill them with some bathroom essentials such as cotton balls and q-tips!  You can even get a jar soap kit at a craft store, and turn your 16oz candle jar into a rustic soap dispenser!


Reposing your Antique Candle Works candles couldn’t be more fun, especially considering they are poured into Mason jars!  Instead of throwing out your old candles, turn them into something creative and beautiful with some of these ideas.  It’s time to get crafty!


Have you ever repurposed an Antique Candle Works candle?  Did you use one of these ideas?  Let us know in the comment section below!


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Photography by Hannah Christine Photography