Open Studio Event Recap

The Antique Candle Works studio has been experiencing lots of new and exciting things since the beginning of the year, and a couple weeks ago, we actually had the opportunity to share how we’ve grown in person!  April 7th marked the first ever Open Studio Event at the Antique Candle Works studio, and we couldn’t have been more excited for the chance to meet so many of our friends live and in person!  It was so much fun, so in case you missed it, I’ve got all the highlights here to share with you!


A Walkthrough

If you came to the Open Candle Studio, the first thing you would have seen is an adorable sign out by the road as an invite for everyone to come and join us!  Then, you would be guided through the parking lot by Brittany’s sweet mother, and greeted at the door by none other than some of the friendliest girls in the studio, Macey and Julie! 

In the lobby, you would be welcomed by smiling faces and yummy hors d’oeuvres prepared by the team, including Kelsey’s sweet lemonade! 

From the lobby, you’d finally enter the studio to a whole new party!  With a fun and interactive photo booth, great music, and plenty of mingling, the studio was the place to be. 

Not to mention live candle making with the candle making pros, Sarah and Emily!

In the middle of the studio stood the main event: candles! 

A beautifully designed shopping area was filled with all your favorite fragrances, including our brand new scents: Fresh Cut Herbs and Sweet Lemon

It was here that you may have run into Brittany, Kelsey, or I if you needed any help or wanted to learn more about Antique Candle Works!  We loved being able to chat with so many friends!

Once you picked out all your must-have candles, Carol took care of you at her adorable cashier stand where she rocked out the checkout!




The photo booth was a hit with everyone who came in!  With tons of props to choose from and a special Antique Candle Works photo frame, it was great to see everyone having a good time together!  Even our Instagram friend, Martha from Simple Cozy Charm, joined in on the fun in the studio!


Live candle making with Sarah and Emily was a fun attraction that allowed you to get a taste of what we do every day, and how your favorite candles are created.  These ladies led you through the whole process, from melting the wax to labeling the finished candle, for an entertaining learning experience!


So many who came to the event loved being able to smell all the candles in person, especially our new fragrances!  We were pulling candles from everywhere to give our friends the chance to finally smell some of our candles before they buy.


Special Deals

There were also some exclusive deals at the Open Studio Event! 

The first 40 people through the door got a free 4oz Lavender candle, and believe it or not, the line started half an hour before the doors opened!  Also, the first few dozen people who spent $40 or more got a free Cucumber Melon soy melt until they ran out.

We also had lots of antique candles, which are normally exclusive to the monthly Antique Candle Restock, and everyone who came to the event got the first chance to snatch up their favorite vintage candles!


Looking Forward

The Open Studio Event was a success!  We loved having the opportunity to show you all around the studio and share our candles with you in person, right where they were all handmade.  One of the best things about that Saturday was meeting people who came from all around, and we would love nothing more than to be able to share this fun experience with everyone again!


This year, we plan to have another Open Studio Event in the fall, and you know what that means: fall fragrances! (And maybe a new fragrance or two??)  We might even have another event during the holiday season!

Our first studio event was a good time for everyone who came, and us as well!  So, if you missed it, we would love the chance to meet you at our next event!  To stay in the loop on all things Antique Candle Works, including a first look at the next studio event, be our friend and join our email list!


Thank you to everyone who came and supported our small business! 

Whether you came or not, we’d love to see you at the next one!