How to Create the Perfect Candle Setting: My Little Kate Cod

The girls at the Antique Candle Works studio can’t get enough of home décor and the unique styles we see through some of our friends on Instagram.  Our favorite look involves mixing the new with the old, the modern with the vintage.  I connected with our friend Katie from My Little Kate Cod to discuss her love for cape cod/farmhouse style décor and how to use Antique Candle Works candles to create the perfect candle setting!


Though Katie doesn’t have a professional interior design background, she has earned the title of “pretty space maker” through years of growing up watching and working with her own mother as she decorated her home in stunning seasonal settings.  This is where she first witnessed mixing modern and vintage style!


When it comes to decorating, Katie always tries to works with the house and all its unique characteristics.  She loves making every color, detail, and accent come together in perfect harmony in her old cape-cod house. 

With an old house comes many individual traits unique to that house, and working with those quirks allows Katie to truly bring the home to life.  This is evident by her gorgeous Instagram photos that I cannot get enough of!


One of my favorite things about her home is now naturally she fits in our candles into her décor.  She makes a point for her candle placement to be safe, but also strategic.  She makes them centerpieces so that everyone who comes in and enjoys her lovely home can also enjoy her yummy candles! 

She also loves the warm glow that a candle brings to a room, which offers both light and ambience to her darker rooms with fewer lights.  What could be more cozy than soft candlelight?


When putting her candles out, Katie’s favorite way to make a setting is actually to group candles together!  She likes having two candles, side-by-side, with one larger and one smaller.  She says, “Together they're like little pals that are working to make the space smell irresistible!”  Even when the candles are not lit, thanks to Katie’s design skills, they work right into her gorgeous home with their vintage look and neutral colors! 

Not only does pairing candles together create an adorable candle setting, but Katie puts together different scents that complement each other for a whole new candle experience.  She pairs her “favorite favorite,” Fresh Cut Herbs, with her second favorite, Sweet Lemon, that together are just “spring harmony!”


Katie is a genius at creating the most perfect candle settings for her home, and I hope she’s inspired you to get creative with your candles, too!  Check out more pictures of her gorgeous home on Instagram for endless décor inspiration!


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Have a beautiful day!




Photography by Katie Walsh