How to Create the Perfect Candle Setting: Farmhouse on Boone

At Antique Candle Works, we love the farmhouse home decorating style!  We are obsessed with shiplap, neutral colors, and vintage repurposing.  I recently connected with one of our friends, Lisa from the Farmhouse on Boone blog, who shares our love for farmhouse life and decor!

Lisa has always adored DIY (Do It Yourself) and creative things, and is always coming up with a new project to tackle!  There is something beautiful about turning anything into something amazing. 

The simplicity of the farmhouse style allows her to create a gorgeous home for her and her family while reflecting her chicken raising, cooking from scratch, garden growing lifestyle.


Lisa’s favorite aspect of interior design is the first step: collecting inspiration.  She spends a lot of time on Pinterest finding new and creative ideas, as well as thinking through designs before she begins working on them.  Envisioning a finished project and understanding exactly what it will look like and bring to the home as a whole is an important step before even picking up a hammer—you don’t want something that’s out of place!


One of our favorite things about seeing Lisa’s beautiful photography of her home on Instagram is how she creates gorgeous candle settings with our candles!  With minimalism and simplicity, she puts together incredible candle settings that are natural and add to the comforting, casual atmosphere in her house.  A candle makes everything more cozy!

When styling candles, Lisa typically pairs them with flowers or a small basket.  She picked up a decorating tip that suggests to create decorative settings by styling in sets of three, each item varying in height to create a new, eye-catching level with each piece.  A great tip!  Sometimes Lisa chooses to follow it with candles, sometimes not, but she always manages to create a beautiful candle setting!

Lisa’s favorite way to decorate Antique Candle Works candles is to place them on a windowsill and pair them with a pitcher of fresh flowers.  What could be more perfect than a refreshing fragrance and a lovely bouquet in the sunlight? 

She also likes setting them on night stands to fill a bedroom with any one of our unique scents, including her personal favorite: Apple Pickin’!

Check out Lisa’s blog and the gorgeous photos of her farmhouse home on Instagram and Facebook!  I hope her insight on décor and how to create a beautiful setting helps you to create the perfect candle setting in your home using your favorite Antique Candle Works candle!


Stay tuned for our next few blog posts!  We are excited to be introducing our brand new, limited time, late summer fragrance!  Here’s a hint…You’re going to love it!


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Have a beautiful day!




Photography by Andrea Elizabeth Photography and Lisa Bass