How to Clean out Candle Jars

At Antique Candle Works, we use Mason jars and antique vessels to house our uniquely scented soy candles.  Mason jars, as you may know, are also popular farmhouse décor and craft pieces.  Wouldn’t it be nice to repurpose your old Antique Candle Works candle into something new and crafty?  One of the questions we often get is: How do you clean out the left over wax from the jar?  Well, we’ve done our research and have found what we think is the best and easiest way to do just that!  Here’s what we did:


Step 1

Fill a sink or basin with hot, soapy water.  Your hands will be in the water, so get the water only as hot as you can stand.


Step 2

Completely submerge your candle.  You want to make sure the jar fills with the hot water.  Then, let it soak for a few minutes.


Step 3

After a couple of minutes, you can start cleaning out the wax.  Thanks to the hot water, it should be soft around the edges.  Use a spoon to carefully loosen the wax from the glass.  This should also loosen the base of the wick.  The wax will come apart in fairly a solid piece, which you can then pull out of the jar.


Step 4


Once you have the majority of the wax out of the jar, you can then use a scrub brush and wash the inside of the jar.  Not only will this help remove any remaining wax, but it will also clean away soot and stains on the glass from the candle itself.


And there you have it in four easy steps: How to clean wax from your candle jars! 

The next step is to scour Pinterest for some inspiring DIY Mason Jar ideas and get creative!  Your Antique Candle Works candle, whether it’s a Mason jar candle or an Antique candle, can remain beautiful even after the flame runs out.


What do you think of this candle hack?  Is this how you clean out your candle jars, or do you have your own way?  Let us know!


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Have a beautiful day!




Photography by Hannah Christine Photography