Hand Poured Goodness Inside...

A lot goes into Antique Candle Works to make truly unique, high quality candles that are handmade with love.  From the candle makers who have a personal hand in every single candle, to the candles themselves made with natural, domestically grown soy, fine fragrance oils, and pure cotton wicks, every detail has you in mind.  That even includes how your candles reach your door.


We’ve made a lot of changes to the ACW Personal Touch since the last time we talked about your favorite happy mail.  Every candle delivery is special because it is a little gift to you, and that’s exactly how we want you to feel! 

Your candle mail begins with a hand-stamped box so you always know when that package on your step really is happy mail.  That is, if you can’t already smell the yumminess inside!


Open your package, and you’ll find some goodies right on top for you to enjoy! 

As a small business, we want you to know Antique Candle Works and the people behind it personally.  You can read a little bit about the story of Antique Candle Works and its owner, Brittany, learn about the uniqueness of our candles (and some candle tips), and even see what fragrances we are loving for the season.  You can also find out which of our sweet candle makers made your candles! 

Then finally, your favorite moment has arrived.  In our carefully wrapped packaging you’ll read, “Hand Poured Goodness Inside.”  Pull back the decorative tissue and there they are.  The goodness you’ve been waiting for: your favorite Antique Candle Works candles!


The first thing you see is a little bonus candle of a fragrance you didn’t order.  It might even be one you’ve never tried before!  These little samples are included in every order to help you find a new favorite scent every time you open our happy mail!


Every candle and wax melt is individually packaged for protection, and to make your gift extra special!  Our larger candles are wrapped and put into their own small boxes, and small 4oz candles and melts are wrapped in decorative tissue.  Everything is its own little surprise for you to open and experience one at a time!


The joy of finding happy mail by your front door is so much fun, but what's even more fun is actually opening that package!  Even though you probably remember what candle goodness you ordered, it is still exciting to finally open up all those little ‘treat yourself’ gifts and be able to smell all that yumminess right in your own home.


With a little extra care and a lot of love, Antique Candle Works hopes to bring you your favorite unboxing experience!  We care about each and every one of you, so this is a little gift from us to our best candle friends.


Here’s to the best Happy Mail Day, friends!


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Fall Harvest: An autumn aroma with apple, crushed cinnamon, and clove, with hints of orange peel and sweet vanilla.