Employee Spotlight: Jaycie


Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Jaycie Tierney. I was raised in Winchester, Indiana, a little small town in East Central Indiana. My husband and I moved to Lafayette almost two years ago to study at Purdue University.


What is your job at Antique Candle Works?

My official title is Candle Maker. I help in the production of candles and author the weekly blog posts on the Antique Candle Works website. I get to share the interworking’s of the candle studio with our readers though the blog. I enjoy this the most!

UPDATE: As of May 2017, I am also a Creative Marketing Intern and not only do I manage the blog, but I am also in charge of the ACW Pinterest.  This involves scheduling posts, creating graphics content, and tracking analytics.


What do you like to do?

When I have spare time, I like to watch Netflix shows with my husband, Konnor. I enjoy reading realistic fantasy/sci-fi novels. I also enjoy playing Nintendo games. I am currently playing Pokémon Moon (the newest game for the DS).


Where is your favorite place to grab some grub?

McCallister’s Deli for sure.


What is your favorite Bible verse?

Philippians 4:13 – I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.


What is your favorite book?

The Harry Potter series. I read the first novel in 5th grade and have loved it ever since.


What is something most people don’t know about you?

Ever since I can remember, I’ve wanted to learn how to blow glass. I have always thought the little glass miniatures found in gift shops were so fascinating.


You are happiest when..?

…first, when there are no deadlines and stressors to worry about.
…second, when I can be with my husband and my family. I love being able to just visit with them and not worry about anything. I look forward to sitting and chatting (with delicious food) when we are all together.


What part of working at Antique Candle Works do you enjoy most?

I love smelling all the scents as we are preparing them to be poured.


What are some of your life goals?

My goal is to be a published fiction writer. My ultimate goal is to be an author of a New York Times Best Selling book. Also, I would love to have a family of my own someday and live out in the country.

What have you learned from working at Antique Candle Works?

I have learned that there is a lot more that goes into a small business than one would think. There are many different aspects that are involved in operating a small handmade business. Also, I’ve learned the interworking’s of operating a business blog. This appeals to me professionally since I’m learning the aspects that are important in a blog.


What is your favorite fragrance at Antique Candle Works?

My favorite is Cashmere. I like the sweet, subtle scent to it. It kind of lifts me up every time I smell it.


What is your favorite thing about Lafayette, Indiana?

I like that there’s more to do than in Winchester, Indiana (where I’m from). I like experiencing the artistic downtown and visiting the small boutiques and shops.


Photography by HJ Creative Photography and Jason Sohn