Candle Care: Play it Safe!

We’ve shared how to get the most out of your Antique Candle Works candle, but there are also several safety aspects that goes along with candle care that are extremely important.  Our goal is to bring beautiful, enticing fragrances into your home and we want to make sure that you are safe throughout your entire experience with our candles.  We’ve put together some simple tips for you to follow!


In Sight and in Mind

Always keep your candle where you can see it!  While it is lit, never tuck a candle away out of sight or else you may forget it is burning in the first place!  Not only could this lead to a prolonged burn that can make your candle less efficient the next time you light it, this poses a serious safety issue within your home.  Therefore, keep your candle where you can see it.  Their vintage style is so eye-catching anyway, who would want to hide them?


The Candle Bubble

Like many people, candles have invisible bubbles around them and they do not like it to be popped.  Make sure you place your lit candle in an open area with little surrounding it.  Keep it out of reach of bubble-popping children and pets, as well as anything that could be flammable.  This is a simple safety measure that keeps you, and your candle, happy!



When you find a clean, safe area to place your candle, make sure that you are placing it on an even surface.  Placing the candle in a lumpy or slanted spot will prevent the candle from burning evenly across the top of the wax which not only may result in a bad burn, but also may cause tunneling.  A flat, even surface will also help prevent hot wax from spilling out of the candle if it is bumped or moved, which you do not want!

Watch that Wick

We discussed in a previous Candle Care blog about the importance of trimming the wick, one of the most crucial aspects of taking care of your candle, and we are going to visit that again.  Once you trim the wick, make sure you dispose of the trimmed piece in the trash.  Not only does this piece create soot that falls into the rest of the candle, once the candle is almost emptied, they can be a safety hazard.  If there are any of those trimmed pieces in the wax at the bottom of the candle, there is a potential that they can catch fire.  Make sure these are removed from your candle; it’ll keep it pretty, too!


The Antique Candle Works team hopes that these safety tips help improve your candle experience!  We love hearing from you about your thoughts on our products, and love knowing that we are making people happy!  We hope to continue to provide a safe, enjoyable experience to everyone who lights our candles.

Please let us know if these tips helped improve your candle safety and what you think of our products, or if you have any further questions!  Also, check out the Antique Candle Works Instagram and Facebook pages for candle updates! 

Have a blessed day!




Photography by Martha from Simple Cozy Charm, Laura from @bloomingnest, Bianca from With Lavender and Grace, Heather from The Southern Hydrangea, and Hannah Christine Photography