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There’s a lot going on in the Antique Candle Works studio right now!  We were so excited to release our brand new Fall Harvest candle—which is my new favorite fall fragrance, by the way—and are thrilled to be releasing our amazingly reinvented Pumpkin Spice scent this week!  We are also busy getting ready to meet you at our next Open Candle Studio on September 29th (yay!), and all the while prepping for the holiday season (there may be a new holiday fragrance coming soon, wink wink).


We’ve also made so many blogger friends recently!  Some of them may even be your friends, too!  We love chatting with home décor experts that love our candles as much as we do.  It is through them that we can share our joy with candle lovers like you.  We are so grateful to each of our candle friends, but I’d like to introduce you to some of the sweetest bloggers that have been a part of the Antique Candle Works journey!


Antique Candle Works as seen on…


Erin – The Cotton Stem Blog

Many of you probably already know Ms. Erin from Cotton Stem.  She’s a woman with an eye for fashion and interior design, and is a dear friend of Antique Candle Works!  Erin is a busybody with four baby girls and countless projects around her stunning home, but she always takes the time to be a friend.  She is truly a decorating inspiration, and I find myself always looking forward to see what she posts about next!



Brendt – She Gave It A Go

I was so fortunate to personally meet Brendt a few months ago at the Haven Conference, which is where our relationship began.  Her motto is “Faith, Family, Farmhouse,” and you can see those passions in everything she does!  The She Gave It A Go blog features her devotion to each of these aspects in her life while sharing stunning photography of her unique farmhouse style.  We were honored to have our candles be a part of Brendt’s blog!



Jess – House on 77th  

Jess may as well be known as the queen of farmhouse neutrals.  I love the natural colors of her Instagram page that make up her homey house!  She’s been a friend of Antique Candle Works for some time now, and we always love seeing how she styles a new candle into her home.  With tons of DIYs and inspiring photos, this momma has a ton of love to share from her House on 77th!



Andrea – 31 Girl At Home

Take one look at the 31 Girl At Home Instagram page and the first thing you think is, “This girl’s got style!”  Another friend from Haven, Andrea is a designer who is in touch with her inner JoJo Gaines!  She has even been featured in the magazine, The Farmhouse Movement.  Her home is always bright and cheerful, and our candles fit right in with her look.  This sweet daughter of Christ has amazing talents, and isn’t afraid to show them off!



Holly – Our Faux Farmhouse

Another lovely friend who has supported Antique Candle Works for years!  Holly is an incredibly talented designer who partners with her husband Brad to build on and transform their beautiful Texas home, all while running their own business, Urban Sips + Sweets.  With hearts the size of Texas, these two are a real power couple!  One thing I love about Holly and Our Faux Farmhouse is that you can always tell this family is having fun, which is exactly what we love being a part of!



Antique Candle Works is so thankful for each of our candle friends, new and old.  Without them, we wouldn’t be able to share the love with friends like you!


Did you find Antique Candle Works through one of these lovely ladies, or another one of our blogger friends?  Let us know how you found us in the comments below!

Want to meet even more candle friends?  There is an entire gallery of incredible photography by incredible people on Instagram!  Don’t be afraid to say hi; they would love to meet you!


Have a blessed day!