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How to: Soy Melts and How to Use Them

How to: Soy Melts and How to Use Them

At Antique Candle Works, our main focus is candles.  Whether it’s Mason Jar candles or Antique Candles, much of our time is spent preparing beautiful candles to be sent right to your door.  However, candles are not the only thing we hand pour here in the studio.  We also make soy melts

You may have heard these be called ‘tarts’ and have seen these at your local department store or craft fairs.  Our wax melts are quite popular with those who love the benefit of having a flameless, smokeless scent! 

They are tiny, but can fill a home with any of our amazing 16 fragrances just as effectively as our candles!  Both are made with our quality fragrance oil and pure soy wax that is hand poured into each container.  The only difference?  How it is burned.

Soy melts are not actually burned.  They are melted using a tart melter or warmer specifically made for wax melts.  You can find these at just about anywhere that also carries candles.  Do not use a crockpot, coffee warmer, stove top, or anything that does not specifically say it can be used with wax tarts.  Many of these warmers are electric, but some use an unscented candle to melt the tarts.  They also vary in sizes from large enough to sit on your end table, or small enough to be plugged into the outlet above your countertop.  Either way, just read the packaging carefully to make sure you are using the right product.

Once you have a warmer, it’s time to add the melts!  Warmers typically have a pan or dish on top of the heat source; this is where you put your melts.  Do not add water or anything besides the melts into the warmer.  We recommend you start by putting 1 or 2 cubes onto your melter.  You can always adjust the amount depending on your preference, but do not put all 6 of the cubes in at one time.  You do not want the wax to overflow once it melts.  Next, just sit back, relax, and enjoy as the aroma fills the room!

Each wax cube can burn about up to 8 hours.  That’s 8 hours of relaxation, warm thoughts, and a happy home!

If you were unsure about out soy wax melts, what they are, or how to use them, I hope this article helped shed some light on how easy to use and effective melts can be.


Be sure to read the blog in a few weeks for some more helpful tips on wax melts!


Stay up to date with the Antique Candle Works team on Facebook and Instagram, and check out our new Pinterest page for some great DIY ideas!


Have a beautiful day!




Photography by Nicole from Ivy Lane Home, Heather from Southern Oak Home, and Jennifer from The Grace House

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What are our Most Popular Fragrances?

What are our Most Popular Fragrances?

That is a question that many of us at Antique Candle Works are asked on, and off the clock.  We currently carry a total of 16 unique fragrances that have been carefully selected to represent our brand.  Many of our fragrances are seasonal, meaning that they are most popular during certain times of the year.  If you were to ask us what our most popular fragrance is toward the end of the year, for example, the answer would be Christmas Day.  Or, in September, it might be Autumn Leaves or Pumpkin Spice.  However, all of our scents can be enjoyed by everyone at any time of the year!

Here are our four most popular fragrances chosen by you!


  1. Momma’s Kitchen

Top notes of green apple, peach and pine needle leading to a spicy cinnamon clove and thyme with sweet balsamic spice.  This nostalgic fragrance sends you straight into your mother’s or grandmother’s kitchen.  What could be more appetizing than that?  You can almost taste that pie in the oven!

  1. Sage & Citrus

An earthy blend of lemon, lime, and sage.  This is definitely one of our most refreshing fragrances.  It is a clean, fresh scent with just enough of that citrusy sweetness to brighten up an entire room!  You might find yourself craving a glass of lemonade!

  1. Pumpkin Spice

Popular scent of seasoned pumpkin aroma with a fall spice mix that says "Welcome Home!"  Though this scent peaks during the fall season, it is a classically delicious fragrance that just makes everyone smile, no matter the time of the year!  The combination of pumpkin and spices makes me want to gather around with my family and enjoy some pie!

And our most popular fragrance is…


  1. Clean Cotton

A wonderfully crisp, clean linen scent with just a kiss of fruit.  Clean Cotton is without a doubt a favorite to be enjoyed year-round!  This clean fragrance isn’t like your typical linen scent.  The subtle sweetness brings a whole new level of freshness to this soothing scent, and it is easy to see why this is our most popular fragrance to date!



What do you think of our top four fragrances?  Are there any that surprised you?  Let us know what your favorite fragrance is on Facebook!


Also, check out our new Pinterest page for some great home décor inspiration!


Don't miss our monthly Antique Candle Restock that starts tomorrow, June 15th, at 8pm EST! 

Have a beautiful day!




Photography by Nicole from Ivy Lane Home, Jen from Smittenly Smith, Erica from Our Humble Nest, Heather from The Southern Hydrangea, and Ashley from Our Modern Antebellum.

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The ACW Personal Touch

The ACW Personal Touch

Our goal at Antique Candle Works is to provide you with the best candle experience possible!  We take into consideration absolutely everything about the candles.  From the natural soy wax, the premium fragrance oil, the cotton wicks, quality glass Mason Jars, galvanized lids, to the beautifully designed labels, everything step of production is done with care.  You’ve seen production behind the scenes and how much thought goes into actually creating the candles and melts, but do you know about what happens after we stock our shelves?

Of course you do!  That’s where you come in.  You might see our candles on Facebook or Instagram and decide to make a purchase.  We so appreciate your support!  But before we pack up your candle to leave our doors, we are not done giving each one our personal, Antique Candle Works touch!

Our first touch goes into how our products are wrapped, and this is also one of our favorites.  Every retail 16oz and 8oz candle are wrapped in an adorable little muslin bag that is hand stamped with the Antique Candle Works logo.  It can be a bit tedious, hand stamping all those bags, but the stylish final product is so worth it!  Our melts and 4oz candles also get their own stylish wrapping.  These are wrapped in a decorative tissue paper that match the color of the muslin bags, keeping with our farmhouse theme!

Each order is then carefully packed with bubble wrap and packing peanuts.  However, before we close up the box, there are still a few more things to add.  Every retail order gets a special, complimentary sample tin that contains a small sample candle of a completely different fragrance you may have never tried before!  This way, you not only receive your favorite scent, but also one that you’ve always wanted to try!  It’s a great way to experiment with new fragrances.

The final touch on each order is a personalized card on top for you to enjoy as soon as you open your package!  These cards give you a little information about what are in your candles, as well as some helpful candle tips that will help you get the most out of your candle.  Also, my favorite part of these cards is that each one is signed by the Antique Candle Works team member who hand poured your candles and melts!  Out of the four current team members, Brittany, Ed, Macey, and myself, Jaycie, it’s fun to be able to see and smell your candles while knowing who put the love into hand pouring each one!

We want you to know how much we appreciate every bit of support you give us, and it is only right to show you this through the care that goes into our candles.  Making sure you receive a great product accompanied with an amazing experience is exactly what we strive to do!

Let us know what you think of the Antique Candle Works personal touch!  Which is your favorite: the adorable muslin bags, the exciting sample tins, or the personalized insert cards?  Also, check out our newly redesigned Pinterest for a gallery of beautiful home décor and, of course, candles!


Have a beautiful day!




Photography by Erica From Our Humble Nest, Jessica from I Dream of Homemaking, Nicole from Ivy Lane Home, and Shannon from Inspired by 2

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June '17 Scent of the Month

June '17 Scent of the Month

June is the month where spring inevitably comes to an end, and a new summer begins.  Hopefully you’ve finished up your spring cleaning just in time for the kids to get out of school for summer break, and have had a nice hot day to enjoy the sun.  It’s also the time of year that all of you with gardens can finally plant your fruits and veggies to be ready for some fresh and tasty meals to come!  Nothing is more mouth-watering than a fresh fruit, and with that in mind, this month’s featured scent is none other than Apple Pickin’!  The sweet smell of freshly picked apples from the orchard will take you out of your living room and straight to the farmers’ market! 

Whenever we post a photo of one of our candles on Facebook, Instagram, or even Pinterest, we love seeing all the responses from each of you!  Apple Pickin’ is always a favorite for our followers!  Mardi on Instagram told us that this fragrance is so yummy that when she was burning her candle, “My honey thought I was baking a pie the other day when he came home, haha!”  

Another follower loved how real the candle smells, saying, “I LOOOOVE a good, true apple scented candle!”  It is so rewarding to know that we can provide great candle experiences through our Apple Pickin’ fragrance! 

During the entire month of June, all Apple Pickin’ products will be 10% off, starting this very day!  This includes the 16oz, 8oz, and 4oz candles, as well as the 2.5oz melts sold exclusively at*!  Nothing is better than walking into a room filled with the delicious scent of fresh apples.  It’s enough to brighten anyone’s day!

Check out all of our Apple Pickin’ candles and melts, and be sure to let us know if you have any questions about the sale or otherwise!  Also, check out our revamped Pinterest page for an awesome gallery full of our candles and our Antique Candle Works style!


The Apple Pickin’ Scent of the Month sale ends at 11:59pm EDT on June 30, 2017.


*This sale does not include candles or melts sold in stores or wholesale.




Photography by Heather from The Southern Hydrangea, Jennifer from The Grace House, and Shannon from Inspired by 2

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Candle Studio Update

Candle Studio Update

During the past few months, there have been a lot of exciting new changes going on inside the Antique Candle Works Studio!  We are thrilled to see the business growing first-hand and want to give you an inside look at our developments and plans for the near future. 


New Faces

Just since the start of the year, the studio has been booming as we hand pour more and more candles to fulfill orders for a growing list of clients.  As the number of candles and melts we needed to make and ship increased, Brittany realized that it may be time to bring another person onto the Antique Candle Works team.  And that is how we met our newest friend, Macey! 

Macey has been an amazing help in the studio and in just over a month, has increased efficiency and allowed us to bring even more candles to your home!  To learn more about Macey, read her Employee Spotlight on the Antique Candle Works Blog!



The growth in candle sales also made us realize that the studio itself needed a major revamping!  We were running out of room not only in the production area, but also in the packaging and the shipping area.  Something needed to be done.  With the help of Brittany’s husband, Dan, we built and set up three new tables (1 for production, 2 for shipping), three label racks, a new stocking shelf, and completely reorganized the shipping area. 

This increased production by at least 50 16oz candles and allows us to more easily pour 100lbs of wax a day.  The racks gave us more room to store 80 large rolls of all our different labels, including our redesigned travel tin labels. 

The new shelf gives each fragrance its own shelf rather than sharing, storing more products and making them more readily available to you.  We also added a hanging packing peanut dispenser to the remodeled shipping area, and now shipments can be sent out with much more speed and ease!


Wicks, Wicks, Wicks

In other production news, for the past couple months we have also been testing out different types of wicks to replace our current ones.  We’ve tested a variety of wicks with differences ranging from thickness, to their material. 

The new wicks will be similar to our old ones in the sense that they (when used properly) will burn the wax to the edge of the candle, will provide a clean, even burn, and will translate all of our unique fragrances.  However, they may also allow you to burn your candle even longer than before!


Looking to the Future...

All of these exciting updates express how Antique Candle Works has grown and continues to provide enjoyable candle experiences to a multitude of those who have burned our candles.  Therefore, this has us looking to the future and what you may expect to come from the candle studio.  We hope to add another melter soon that would allow us to pour an additional 50lbs at a time, and potentially 200lbs in a single day!  We are also rebooting our Pinterest page, which will be full of beautiful farmhouse decor, vintage design, and of course, candles!  

Finally, this fall, we are planning to add a special, limited time fragrance to Antique Candle Works!  We are looking forward to making this brand new scent available to everyone in the next few months!  Be on the lookout for more information on this limited time offer and how, as an email subscriber, you can get involved, too!


A Special Thanks

All of the developments that have occurred here in the candle studio could not have been possible without all of the loyal wholesale and retail customers that have supported us.  You are our friends, and you encourage us to strive for greatness and bring you the best product possible.  We hope to continue to provide an enjoyable, memorable experience through our candles, and maybe even meet new friends along the way.

Thank you.




We appreciate your feedback!  Let us know what you think of all this exciting candle studio news and stay up-to-date with Facebook and Instagram!


*Please note that next week's blog post will be posted on Thursday, June 1st, rather than Wednesday, May 31st.  Can you guess the next scent of the month?



Backroads and Lavender photography by Erica from Our Humble Nest.

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Employee Spotlight: Macey

Employee Spotlight: Macey

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Macey. I am fifteen and I go to Jefferson High School here in Lafayette where I’ve lived my whole life.  My favorite color is pink, and I love to sing and dance.


What is your job at Antique Candle Works?

I started as a Candle Maker here about a month ago. I wick and label candles, and help with pouring and production.


What do you like to do?

In my spare time, I like to hang out with my friends. We like to go to the mall or go see a movie.  I also really enjoy cooking.  I love to bake desserts such as cookies which are easy and always taste good!


Where is your favorite place to grab some grub?

That would probably Texas Roadhouse—my favorite things to get there are their steak kabobs and mashed potatoes. I swear they have the best mashed potatoes!


What is your favorite Bible verse?

Jeremiah 29:11 – “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
I love this verse just because I am still growing up and figuring out what I want to do.  I am excited to find out what God’s plan for me is in the future and what path He will lead me on.


What is your favorite book?

I really like The Fault in Our Stars. Also Divergent, that was a good book, too.


What is something most people don't know about you?

I have two different colored eyes. One Brown and one green. A lot of people don’t know that.  I am also really outgoing but also really shy.


You are happiest when...?

...I’m on vacation, like in Florida. I love Treasure Island.  I love the beach and that’s when I am super happy.  I usually lay out and then go out in the water for a lot of the time.



What part of working at Antique Candle Works do you enjoy most?

I would say probably actually making the candles. I enjoy using the fragrances and pouring them, the whole production process.


What are some of your life goals?

I eventually want to pursue a career in becoming a beautician. Of course, unless the Lord pulls me into a different direction.  But I’d like to own my own business in a salon.  Right now, I practice hair and makeup on my friends and would like to pursue that if I can.


We play a lot of music in the studio, so what kind of music do you like?

The genre I like would be country.  I really like Luke Bryan, Carrie Underwood, and Lady Antebellum. 



What is your favorite fragrance at Antique Candle Works?

I love Southern Hospitality. It has a sweet, but not super sweet smell to it that I really enjoy.


What is your favorite thing about Lafayette, Indiana?

I love the fact that there is so much to do. There are so many things to do for fun and to stay occupied, which is really cool.  One of my favorite hotspots is the Arrowhead bowling alley.


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Upcycling: Vintage Tins

Upcycling: Vintage Tins

I think you all know what time of the month it is!  Yes, it’s time for another antique candle sale!  This month’s sale will take place next Tuesday, May 16th, at 8pm EDT!  Visit our antique candle sale page at the start of the sale to see what we have available this month.  But remember, these candles are in limited supply and they go fast! 

As always, we will have blue and clear Ball/Mason jars, and we will also have several antique vessels filled with your favorite fragrances.  Some of our favorite antique vessels are the genuine vintage tins from antique stores.  We have seen old tins that once stored coffee, tobacco, peanuts, mints—even fruitcake!

It is so fun to open up these tins, fill them with soy wax, and create a brand new candle out of something that is decades old.  The idea of taking something so old that it is considered an antique and turning it into this new and beautiful piece of home décor is so intriguing!  I just love the idea of upcycling with these vintage tins!

Don’t miss out on our next antique candle restock May 16th at 8pm EDT!  Make sure you get your tin, Ball jar, or other vintage candle before they are gone!

 After May 16th, visit the Antique Candle Works antique candle page for the next restock date!

We love hearing from you!  Contact us and tell us about your experience with our antique candles, and visit our Facebook and Instagram pages for candle updates!


Have a blessed day!

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May '17 Scent of the Month

May '17 Scent of the Month

Summer is almost here, but for now we still have almost two months left of spring and we are out of the rainy season!  It’s time to bring on the sunshine, and break out some shorts!  With everything having finally turned green, I can’t wait for all the blooms to grow and gardens to be filled.  “April showers bring May flowers,” and with that in mind, this month Antique Candle Works is featuring one of our favorites: Lavender!  A soothing blend with top notes of calming lavender and fresh ozone with soft touches of woody undertones.  What better way to stop and smell the flowers?

You know that we love hearing from our friends who have tried our candles, and a few of them shared their thoughts about our Lavender fragrance on Instagram!  Tina told us, “I use lavender throughout the entire year.  It’s so calming and relaxing."

Kristin agreed, “The smell of Lavender is my favorite!  So relaxing.”  We always appreciate the feedback you give us.  We love knowing that Antique Candle Works candles give you a rewarding and fun experience!

During the entire month of May, all Lavender products will be 10% off, starting today!  This includes the 16oz, 8oz, and 4oz candles, as well as the 2.5oz melts sold exclusively at*!  This soothing, rejuvenating fragrance is a beautiful and flowery scent that calms your nerves and lifts you up, and there couldn’t be a more perfect opportunity to get yours, now!

Check out all of our Lavender products and contact us if you have any questions; we are more than happy to help!  Also, visit to our Facebook page and tell us about your experience with our Lavender candles and melts!  We love talking with you!


The Lavender Scent of the Month sale ends at 11:59pm EDT on May 31, 2017.


*This sale does not include candles or melts sold in stores or wholesale.




Photography by Bianca from With Lavender and Grace, Jennifer from The Grace House, and Erica from Our Humble Nest

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Journey: Survival to Success

Journey: Survival to Success

At Antique Candle Works, we are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to support churches and nonprofits that reflect our own beliefs and serve a worthy cause.  One of these nonprofits that we actively support is the Journey Pregnancy and Life Hub in Mokena, Illinois. 

Journey is a Christian organization that is committed to helping women through personal, emotional, life, and relationship issues and goals.  With a purpose that states, “We seek to care for the whole woman by guiding her on a safe journey to Family, Purpose, and Wholeness,” it is to no surprise that Journey is an excellent resource to those in need. 

Journey believes that no one should have to go through life alone.  If someone is struggling, be it with pregnancy and baby essentials, unhealthy coping, or job skills among a large number of issues, this nonprofit will share every step of someone’s journey in order to get them the help they need and reach their personal goals.  

The individuals who need help not only receive it, but they also are able to witness ministry and how this can have a positive impact on life.  All of the mentors who offer support, such as the co-founders of Journey Hub, Christine and Margie, are mature Christians.  By dedicating their time to “working for God and serving the people,” they help guide struggling individuals down a path of growth and recovery. 

Another part of the Journey Hub is the Journey Goods boutique.  Because it is a nonprofit, Journey relies on volunteers, donations, and proceeds from their resale store to fund all of their free services.  The boutique is also home to some very happy cats that visitors can meet!

They sell upscale-gently used items that feature modern and vintage style—which we love!  This boutique was actually one of our first wholesale partners.  For the past two years, Brittany has taken candles to Journey for the boutique, as well as candles for Journey to use throughout their building. 

Antique Candle Works couldn’t be more proud to support such a wholesome organization that allows people to move form survival, to success.


To learn more about the Journey Pregnancy and Life Hub and their calling to assist those in need, visit their website and keep up to date with them through Facebook and Instagram!


I will lead the blind by ways they have not known,

along unfamiliar paths I will guide them;

I will turn the darkness into light before them

and make the rough places smooth.

These are the things I will do;

I will not forsake them.

- Isaiah 42:16




Photography provided by the Journey Hub website and Facebook page.

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The Grace House

The Grace House

One of our favorite parts of making candles is being able to see them after they leave our doors and enter yours!  Many of the photos we share on Instagram come from real, beautiful homes.  One of our friends that is always sharing photos with us is Jennifer from The Grace House.

Jennifer is a Texas gal who expresses her passion for interior design in a custom-made house she shares with her husband and daughter.  With her classic farmhouse style, she uses light, neutral colors and rustic décor to create a warm and inviting space to call her own.  She shares her work on a blogInstagram, and Pinterest, all of which are covered with beautiful and inspiring photos.  Because the world can be so chaotic, Jennifer believes that a home, “should be a place filled with the love and grace of our Jesus Christ, hence the name The Grace House.”

One of my personal favorite aspects of her home is Jennifer’s tablescape.  I have always loved themed table décor with beautiful runners, place settings, and center pieces!  Her most recent tablescape is Easter themed, and it is beyond adorable!

By highlighting some of our scents in photography that Jennifer herself has featured and that she has provided for us, she has done so much to help Antique Candle Works grow.  Our rustic and antique style that embodies our Mason Jar and antique candles are lovely additions to an already lovely home!  We love knowing that fragrances such as Southern Hospitality are providing great scents and attributing to a homey atmosphere.

It’s easy to feel like you’re catching up with an old friend when you read Jennifer’s blog and follow the pictures she shares.  For this southern designer, her house is her canvas, and with it she is able to create masterpieces that inspire others.  We are extremely excited to be even a small part of what makes The Grace House, a home.



Photography by Jennifer from The Grace House

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